NBA 2K17 — Official Trailer
NBA 2K17 — Official Trailer

NBA 2K17 — Official Trailer

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NBA 2K17 Official Leaked Gameplay Trailer!

NBA 2K17 Momentous Trailer :



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42 отзывов - NBA 2K17 — Official Trailer

  1. brandon jennings is not even with the pistons

  2. Derrick rose is on the Knicks

  3. hi friеnds, Аmazing!!! I can nоoow add unlimitеd VC —> NBА 2K17 — Оfficial Trailer

  4. This is not it 2k 17 is out

  5. OMG, such a large argument down here…

  6. Obviously 2k never posted a trailer on january

  7. kg is gone n so is Kobe

  8. Why would they release a trailer when the game doesn't come out till the end of the year? their prolly still doing face/body scans and animations at the time the video was uploaded

  9. It's nba2k16 trailer

  10. All they did was expose Andre Drummond. They give him no respect

  11. I hate how trailers never show actual gameplay they just show their edited way better looking cutscenes

  12. ?? drose went back to the Bulls without letting us know ?

  13. Whoever thinks this is the official trailer is dumb

  14. where's legend Scalabrine?


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  16. So I'm confused. If I buy legend on xbox it comes with a bunch of ad ons. but if I buy it in store do you still get the same stuff?

  17. Why is KD on the thunder?

  18. i thought that was 2k17 for a second

  19. And Derrick rose was trade to the Knicks

  20. Go to 1:36 and pause it RONDO IS ON THE KINGS but now HE IS ON THE BULLS

  21. Click baiting faggot

  22. Alcohol reference where would it show or say that

  23. Drose not even on the team

  24. Why would they make a new 2k before the season is over?


  25. this is not 2k17

  26. yo theres been trades this year thoo?

  27. For 2k17 they should have craig sager instead of dorris burke

  28. this is 2k17 rlly ? well ,im waiting for 2k18 then. keep your money guys.

  29. this aint no 17 cuz lebron nd durant still on last season teams

  30. What is the song?

  31. Looks better than NBA 2k17 so far..

  32. thats not even when the game drops

  33. This looks somewhat familiar…cant be 2k17-thats 4 sure

  34. This trailer came out to early

  35. who else thinks the should be team USA and wnba in 2k17

  36. good nba2k16 gamplay

  37. These graphics look so trashy!

  38. Song at the background?

  39. Dude that is the most stupidist trailer I have ever seen

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