NBA 2K17 — Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Trailer
NBA 2K17 — Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Trailer

NBA 2K17 — Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Trailer

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The Official Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Trailer for 2K is here!

NBA 2K17 Brian Scalabrine GOAT Trailer:

NBA 2K17 Stephen Curry MVP Trailer :


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46 отзывов - NBA 2K17 — Kobe Bryant Legend Edition Trailer

  1. I not gonna lie I cried after

  2. Cried a little at the end

  3. I think if u get the legends edition game the trailer should be about kobe/career

  4. what a heeeelllll!! look at 2:55, where is the greatest Kareem Abdul Jabbar!!!??

  5. Follow my twitch icesofly getting ready to grind 2k17 thank u all

  6. 00:13 illuminati confirmed

  7. your A fucking asshole

  8. Are y'all stupid this is nba 2k 16 with a mix of nba live 16 come on you click bait bitch

  9. Got me tearing up and shit I'm spose to be a G

  10. Why do you have sad music playing?

  11. We will miss the legend ???

  12. I am crying literally

  13. Kobe
    , Truly an inspiration to all basketball players.

  14. Kobe played vs Jazz in his last game
    Not the T-Wolves

  15. Omg he starts and ends the video like his career looking at the basket from the three throw

  16. Back of his head look like Jason Voorhees

  17. well miss you KOBE cry cry

  18. well miss you KOBE cry cry

  19. It's a tough feeling for anyone who is very devoted to say goodbye, I am learning that this year, it's time for me to stop playing baseball, college was as far as I could go but I'm glad I'm ending it all with teammates I love and care about. I regret nothing because I gave it my all.

  20. It says o'nial not o'niel

  21. They should add in a theatre mode/editor so you can set players up anywhere and make them do whatever action you want so you could create some awesome plays and moments.

  22. This shit need to play just as fast as this trailer was moving..

  23. with the 13th pick in the 1996 NBA draft the Charlotte hornets select

  24. I wish he still played

  25. 1:38 why do those graphics look so choppy and terrible? God this is 2017? wtf

  26. 2k17 is aswome sorry for u people that don't got 

  27. I'm crying right now for this trailer. ;(

  28. fuck im sad af i forgot he wasent going to play next season i didnt wanna think about it ahah

  29. he replaced the chick hearn jersey in the rafters

  30. He wasn't bald in that 81 point game

  31. I bought the legend edition before the gold edition came out ????????????????????

  32. When you know Tim isn't going to get shit

  33. ??????????Kobe swishing it

  34. i love kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  35. nba 2k should add a new option (point of view)

  36. Hey is there going to be a creation mode for jerseys, courts, teams in the play now mode? I think being able to use your creativity not only for online but offline as well would add a big boost especially creating things that we have grown to love about old and new school hooping. All Star weekend should be included in the play now mode as well. I hated that you could only play all star weekend in your career. I created a court and a team used it only in my career but i think 2k should really up there creation process in the play now mode so we can utilize the ideas that we come up with.

  37. Not 2K17 FOR SURE

  38. +CheatingGamer this is exactly why you have 4k subs???

  39. Miss him already

  40. 2:30 how the fuck is Ronny Turiaf wearing Magic's jersey number? LOL.  I swear 2K has become such a fail.

  41. PS2 is dead and has been since when PS4 came out and so the best so far is 3 and 4 great graphics for both systems….I would be shocked if there are games still able to go online over PS2 since years ago……..

  42. Imma miss Kobe playing , #BlackMamba

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