Minecraft: Pocket Edition Trailer 2015
Minecraft: Pocket Edition Trailer 2015

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Trailer 2015

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We’ve been adding loads of new features to Minecraft: Pocket Edition over the past few months. To celebrate, we’ve created this calming trailer for your viewing pleasure.

For more on Minecraft, visit https://mojang.com/


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  1. 0.15.11 the end please

  2. please add end in mcpe


  4. i love minecraft

  5. i like mcpe mojang!!!!!!!

  6. i love this music

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  8. how can I get on minecraft? I'm having a hard time opening minecraft


  10. This makes me fell that MCPE is special

  11. TTTTHERE'S ONE WITTH ANTI BAN PROTECTION WHICH IS RIGHT HEERE YO— https://twitter.com/b81514a4b2530a9e8/status/719476280979296256 Minecccraft Pocket EEEdition TTTrailer 2015

  12. How you are playing with freands???

  13. 이 맵 주세요

  14. i dont like alex because alex is so annoying because steve is fishing ans alex is always strong and chilling so i like steve because steve is speedie and smart and pro not alex alex is q noob

  15. Hоpе this glitсссh will hееlр уоu my brothеr !
    https://twitter.com/0a236f077c199a2ee/status/719476280979296256 Minеcraft Pockеt Editiоn Trailеr 2015

  16. when mcpe 0.16.0 will come?

  17. figou bei bei muito bem massa

  18. waht?! no quartz!

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  20. Notch ! Make Version 0.16.1 With Bug Fixes

  21. es mierda xddd jajajjajajajajajjajajajajajajaja

  22. make an 0.15.10

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