Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL)

It’s finally here! Get your first “I Am Groot,” more Rocket, Drax and Gamora in action, and the usual Peter Quill swagger in the second full trailer for Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” in theaters August 1!

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL)

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44 отзывов к статье Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL)

  1. Kєℓℓι Mѳ૨iทiทgઽƬα૨ ღ

    I still haven't seen this but I seen every MCU movie. I heard this movie was very great. I should watch it before the sequel.

  2. David Harkness

    Why are you advertising the first movie trailer as a trailer for the second? Surely, I know why someone would game Youtube for it, but isn't this the real Marvel Entertainment channel? WTF color me confused by the latest fake-of-a-fake meta.

  3. bab lapal

    I'am Groot

  4. Anderson Smith Stallman

    not good

  5. Sukhwinder Kaur

    groot is awsome powerhouse of guardians and drax also


    Love this movie. <3

  7. Roberto Curtu

    will the sequel be rated R because the first one had to be censored to be PG-13

  8. Animus Project

    Best and funniest movie in 2014 in my opinion.

  9. Oh my Pizza

    When u realize it wasn't a fart.

  10. HuntSD

    Loved the movie so excited for the sequel which will be my last Marvel movie as a high school student, damn, just made a mashup trailer for Team JNPR/Cardin from RWBY. Was so much fun.



  12. tubenachos

    When does Rocket meet Tony Stark??

  13. samuelCWM

    civil war hero gear . each sold seperately

  14. Star-Lord The Legendary Outlaw

    Wait, There's one other name you might know me buy…..Star-Lord

  15. TJ Hooker

    I WOULD DO ANYTHING to see them up with the avengers.

  16. Tony parra

    I don't see how Suicide Squad would have a similar trailer to this.

  17. Isaiah Saldana

    best movie and best song

  18. Mordecool Gonzalez

    WTF?! They never showed Gamora wearing nothing in the movie

  19. HaloNeko

    this was the most entertaining marvel movie ever
    i can't wait for the sequel to come out

  20. Hunter Cerny

    Screw You

  21. Roberto R


  22. Insertend plays

    this is the first one

  23. Sharpblade

    That was a damn good movie! Nearly perfect.

  24. Georgina Reynolds

    Just love the movie, and this is the kind of movies I love to see.

  25. Jeffrey Cold

    Damn dat ass at 1:34

  26. Mom Cat22

    Two years on & I still come back to watch the trailer for nostalgia's sake. Never would have believed GotG was gonna be THAT good. 'Oh. YEAH.'

  27. R. AiQith

    ya an idiot to put up this for free royalty from google…what a total shitty brain

  28. Warriorred18 Intro

    Puto mentiroso ese es el la primera fackyou

  29. SeducingJackel

    This movie was so funny when i watched it , when will we get GotG II ?

  30. Jasvinder Saggu

    love the new trailer :)

  31. mworld

    i came here and you know what i see? loosers

  32. MarvelousBoy

    I want radio gaga by queen in one of the guardians of the galaxy 2 trailers

  33. Jonathan Martell

    first movie not the second one.

  34. James Lenin

    I'm so sorry I ever doubted this would be good before it even came out.

  35. Rohirrim Avenger

    Well, I read the title wrong too.

  36. Tolteca Camden

    So when you say guardians of the galaxy 2 you ean just guardians of the galaxy!!

  37. MrPibbelz Ftw

    anyone else thought it said Gardiun of the Galaxy 2

  38. Randy H

    I hate dumbasses click-baiting false info

  39. Zenbatsu MB


  40. Nighttray

    This should have been terrible, and ended up amazing. Suicide Squad should have been amazing, and ended up terrible.

  41. Sammy Lane

    First time I saw this movie,I thought it was alright but it gets even more better the more times you watch it.

  42. Daniel Cook

    There is an awful lot of footage in this trailer that weren't in the film!  I need the DVD!!  Way too much in this trailer that I think would have been great in the film!

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