Luke Cage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Luke Cage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Luke Cage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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In this Marvel live action series, a street-fighting ex-con battles crime on the streets of New York as the Super Hero, Luke Cage. Now Streaming on Netflix.


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Luke Cage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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41 отзывов к статье Luke Cage | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. Bruno Evangelista

    queria saber q mês vai lançar novos episódios?

  2. Jominathor

    I dunno.. looks quite mediocre to me

  3. werise55

    omg the sexy nurse from daredevil is in this show yeaaaa

  4. Decembirth

    When does Misty lose her arm?

  5. Matt Underwood

    Am I the only one watching Luke Cage and at the sam time be thinking "Damn, this role is perfect for Terry Crews." Seriously, Terry Crews fits the profile so much better I think

  6. SwaggyP21

    It's a racist show because it's mostly black people ? bihhhhhh what about all them other shows with mostly white people ?

  7. Paul Moholland

    i remember back when the comic came out back in the day was known as luke cage heroe for hire he was in prison and as used in a experiment and got his powers he escaped and was hireing himself out he was hired by jj jameson to get spiderman and ended up befriended our freindly neighborhood arachnid so carl lucas aka luke cage aka powerman thats the story bio…short version

  8. Amer Brkic

    MARVEL is good at movies and DC at TV shows.I wish that they have united.

  9. Vig1lante

    JUICE! from Sons of Anarchy.. omg.

  10. Jose Salas

    why cant he look like the comics he look like a plain african american that why we like comics because what hero / villains look like

  11. Benny Murph

    What's that song?

  12. ericking1000

    show was disappointing. no bueno.

  13. D Fallen

    another good blk hero yay

  14. Mark Dean

    I'm so glad they did not whitewash this character.

  15. rachelmm05

    The show series is awesome. I'm half way through Season 1. I have a new favorite show on Netflix ☺

  16. John Galt

    this is a liberal infected series, the good guy super hero lets the bad guys live! and the bad guys continue to kill any one they want! while the liberal police have a black female police chief, and a corrupt police department. so the super hero fights a futile battle. of beating up bad guys only to have them go back to doing exactly what they did before..

  17. ian favors

    bring a blade series to Netflix

  18. MicrowaveBackground

    what's that first song called?

  19. Cyberbro

    I saw all the episodes so far this is awesome. Cotton mouth is crasy???

  20. Joe “Lasersiborg” DaFish

    This show is LEGIT AMAZING…

  21. Grim Fandango

    The first few episodes were great. The actions scenes eventually became sparse and poorly coordinated.

    Cottonmouth, by far, was the best antagonist the show had and they replaced him with some cornball villain from Luke Cage's past. They did little-to-no history on him, so Diamondback seemed forced when they threw him in there. Then, Diamondback had no character development. He was driven by revenge. At least Cottonmouth had depth. All of the black issues presented in the show seemed to be written well except the whole "Luke Cage is on the run for being a black man".

    Black neighborhood. Black lead Detective. Black police leadership. Black superhero. Black villains.

    How weak is your writing that you want to make it a police are targeting black men issue when Luke Cage literally throws a cop through a windshield?

    Black good guys, black bad guys, black background, and it's the white man's fault? Loved the show but it seemed like they were in a rush writing the script and producing the last few episodes. Like any content would do.

  22. MASTERRELIC relic

    Cottonmouth was the best. His backstory was cool I wish they would have kept him.

  23. The Itachi Uchiha

    Can't get enough of this!!! The cliffhanger got me ready for the next episode!!

  24. BiG Smoke

    Woman Reporter- Why don't you just tell us your name?
    Luke Cage- The na-
    Oliver Queen comes out from the side – My name is Oliver Queen!

  25. Shaddox

    Seems cool, shame it's a netflix exclusive.

  26. Leonel Castañarez

    name of the song??

  27. Jim Aguilar

    Bro this show was great! Was on the edge of my seat the whole way through

  28. D Ron

    they killed cotton mouth off too quick

  29. Jeremai Yo-Antoine Burke

    Song 1:35?

  30. cyigen85

    this show suck.. im in the middle of episode 7, and luke cage is a pussi.. he could take them out so many times, but he acts like a pussy… waste of time

  31. Dré O. Flipper

    This show is pretty damn dope!

  32. GrandRiser

    So instead choosing Colossus as their bulletproof hero, they choose Luke (bulletproof but no need for CGI) so they can save money to avoid using CGI?

  33. Jihad Legrand

    This is the show that has all these white people upset

  34. queila e friands

    Amei,quando vai ter a 2 temporada?

  35. Ryo0fWildfire


  36. Soule Cavalier

    Just got done watching all of it. I want more NOW! season 2! SWEET Christmas

  37. Tchort Six Six Six

    Is the cast all black? Bet they make white people the villains. The villans are Nigerian and muslims.

  38. Briana Santos

    The show is basically 13 episodes of sleeping pills it's so boring.

  39. william holla

    maybe he might meet black panther soon

  40. Fernando Oliveira

    1:33 what name this song ? please

  41. ZPr Cruzz

    Music 1:11?

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