Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD
Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD

Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD

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Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD

The fractious family of a father and his two sons confront their different feelings and memories of their deceased wife and mother, a famed war photographer.

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38 отзывов - Louder Than Bombs Official Trailer #1 (2016) — Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Ryan Movie HD

  1. Its really interesting how some people who dont even know how properly to talk like Jesse Eisenberg or 50 cent gets success like actors or singers

  2. When I looked up this title I was looking for the smiths album…

  3. when is it coming in cinema ?

  4. After watching the movie I had to change my opinion. The trailer DOES say the entire plot. It just doesn't feel like it because you expected more due to some visual effects on it (yet, all the ones shown in the trailer are the only ones that appear in the movie).

    I wish I didn't see it to be honest, it was incredibly boring. I can't believe the critics got it so wrong. They give it a 6 ouf of 10 in Rotten Tomatoes, yet the movie has done poorly. From a budget of 11 million dollars it has only made in cinemas 600k dollars. That says it all, yet everybody seems to ignore that VERY important figure.

  5. After that Luthor decided to bomb the serenator

  6. I love Jesse's voice and his face and he's here to stay. So haters stay away. Jesse Eisenberg is better than You.

  7. and THAT is how all trailers should be made.

    Interesting enough to want to watch the movie while not spoiling of the entire story.

  8. What's older than bombs ? Your mama's fart

  9. At least new movies don't have minimum system requirements

  10. tired to wait for this movie!!

  11. it was 2min but it was fun thx happy ending no need for the movie i guess

  12. i love jesse!!

  13. When your last name is Reed

  14. Song? At the end?

  15. Wow! I would love to know who the un educated morons who gave this a thumbs down!

  16. This just screams emotional wreck and tissues..

  17. How did she die? Somebody spoil it for me, please.

  18. WTF is Lex Luthor doing here all nerdy?

  19. Love it! The whole movie is a living picture in all possible ways

  20. Damn Jesse is one ugly motherfucker.. Great actor tho

  21. I had a callback for Conrad In this movie! I wish I would've gotten it.

  22. I think good movie.

  23. Jesse se ve hermoso ? grito fangirl

  24. That awkward moment, when trailer is better than the movie; no offense.

  25. Always double tap

  26. jesse looks so cute here

  27. That kid look like markiplier

  28. probably a good movie but hard to watch

  29. finally, a 2016 movie trailer that doesn't fully expose the story

  30. I have to see it.

  31. Louis ck looks young here

  32. It really sucks that Jesse Eisenberg was Lex Luther. He was barely respected as a great actor before Batman CV. Superman. [Horrible casting…]I highly doubt he'll be more now. He is very underrated.

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