Laid in America — Official Trailer
Laid in America — Official Trailer

Laid in America — Official Trailer

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Watch the official trailer for Laid in America and pre order the DVD & Blu-ray here now

Be quick and you could get a poster signed by me and Caspar Lee
Out in the UK Sep 26 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download and in the USA on Digital Download Sep 27 and on Blu-ray & DVD on Oct 4!
Worldwide dates to be announced
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32 отзывов - Laid in America — Official Trailer

  1. rated r so rated r

  2. can youtubers stop making shitty movies and hoping on the cringe train???

  3. KSI is a decent actor, rapper and more the dude is killin it keep it up KSI!

  4. This movie is actually good btw 🙂 GJ

  5. Fuck you Casper lee

  6. this movie is going to be worse than leafys whole entire channel

  7. I pirated the movie, you did too

  8. Your such a cunt you rap just cuz your black fuck you

  9. lets be honest 50%will watch the movie for the s3x scene and the other are fans 10% want to judge how ksi bad at acting

  10. it's 2008 all over again

  11. better not be the Smosh movie

  12. name of the song

  13. this was my favoret move ever!!

  14. Looks Pretty Good

  15. shit as smosh movie

  16. OMG I loved this movie

  17. dark da fuck bawn man lol

  18. Have you ever been trollled? ??

    read more

  19. Oh my God, Caspar's eyes.

  20. This movie was fucking amazing! Loved every second of it! :D

  21. your thebest youtuber

  22. Its on Showbox

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