Jane Eyre (1997) Full HD [Optional Spanish Subtitles (cc)]
Jane Eyre (1997) Full HD [Optional Spanish Subtitles (cc)]

Jane Eyre (1997) Full HD [Optional Spanish Subtitles (cc)]

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Huérfana y abandonada, Jane Eyre tuvo una miserable infancia. Creció en un orfanato. A los dieciocho años se convierte en una mujer de fuertes principios y llega a Thornfield Hall para ocupar el puesto de institutriz. Allí conoce al hombre que podría ser el amor de su vida, el Sr. Rochester, propietario de Thornfield. A pesar de su actitud indómita y de un misterioso pasado, el Sr. Rochester resulta irresistible para Jane. Pero sus sentimientos no son recíprocos, y Jane Eyre vivirá atormentada por sus constantes flirteos con la rica Blanche… Adaptación televisiva del clásico de Charlotte Brontë.
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47 отзывов - Jane Eyre (1997) Full HD [Optional Spanish Subtitles (cc)]

  1. Esta version no me ha gustado, no se acopla bien al libro, el ni queria a la sobrina.

  2. como se activan los subtitulos?

  3. Maravillosa gracias por compartir

  4. A good version, Ciarans Hinds was very good as well as the Jane actress. Too bad they didn't stick with the dialogue in the book; he didn't even have his hand amputated. The Timothy Dalton version was practically word for word. Much better.

  5. Amo Ciarin Hinds.

  6. ♡♡♡♡me encanta Jane ♡♡♡♡

  7. nossa que atuação esplêndida! fui absorvida totalmente, incrível ???????

  8. Thank You Kindly!

  9. 2006 still the best.

  10. Cost submit shit wgnchk effective essentially

  11. siempre que veo jane eyre lloro como condenada

  12. Zo mooi , ik kijk er al voor de vierde keer naar.

  13. This is my favourite Jane Eyre version. Briliant performance of Ciaran Hinds. It thrills me every time I see it. Thank you.

  14. Gracias, mil gracias por compartir, tan hermosa historia, simplemente HERMOSA.

  15. linda película nunca la olvide desde la primera vez que la vi en el 2002 más o menos. .. tenia 15 años. …………siempre la recordé. ..hasta estas fechas que es mas fácil ubicarlo gracias al Internet :D

  16. Gracias por subirla y por los subtitulos !!♡♡♡♡♡

  17. se me han salido las lagrimas con esta película!!

  18. beautiful movie, thank you

  19. Me está encantando esta versión. ¡Qué maravillosos actores! Y aún no he visto al señor Rochester! Es emocionante no saber el reparto con antelación…
    Muchas gracias por compartirla

  20. I have seen a lot of Jane Eyre's and this is, without a doubt, the best that I have ever seen.
    Well done! Gracias por subirla!

  21. wooow preciosa peli.
    como todas las k subes.
    me encantan. yo k soy una enamorada enpedernida. ???

  22. me he visto casi todas sus pelicias o todas las que ha subido hermosas adoro este tipo de peliculas. por favor siga subiendo gracias.

  23. Que linda história de amor…..

  24. Adore esta película desde que la vi!!! Me encanta la actuación de Ciarán Hinds quien por cierto es un gran actor. Podrías subir la versión de 2011 con Michael Fassbender?

  25. hmmm….the red room!!!,I felt sorry for Jane

  26. Nothing Cairin Hinds can do which is wrong after watching this performance. And nothing about MR. Rochester can I think of without thinking of Cairin Hinds. Absolutely and completely absorbing. What a love story. To end all. And it is all down to his wonderful acting. i'm crazy about this Hinds. I hope to god he won awards for this.

  27. Samantha Morton plays a perfect Jane Eyre in my view !

  28. Como bajo los subtitulos?

  29. My absolute favourite version; the only one that actually reduced me to tears.

  30. fue buena pero después del beso llegar y cortarlo es :(

  31. Samantha Morton is such a dream in this movie

  32. Esta versión de la novela a pesar de estar bastante reducida, tiene sin embargo un final maravilloso. Supera la novela. uff que llanto, he gastado una caja de pañuelos y me he quedado nueva. Muchas gracias por subirla

  33. Wow(john 3 v 16)

  34. Me encanta esta versión, la del 2011 y obviamente el libro :,3
    I love it!

  35. Thank you so much for uploading. I have seen nearly all Jane Eyre Adaptions and also read the book. I did not know this version existed and it has become one of my favourites . I agree that some things have been changed in this movie, but it has left me with the same feelings that I had when reading the book. And Ciaran Hinds has become my favourite Mr. Rochester, I think he is brilliant with all his outbursts of temper and still showing gentleness and affection not only towards Jane but also for Adele and his wife Bertha.

  36. Me gustó el actor que intepreta a Mr. Rochester. A la actriz principal, le faltó mucho. Él se nota que la ama, a ella que no quiere ser besada.

  37. what is wrong with YouTube

  38. The actress playing Jane as a girl was a very good actress, too. She was clear in speech and time.

  39. Graciassss….. Que Bella película!

  40. Amo esta historia, todas sus versiones tienen lo suyo. Pero es lamentable que en mi país estén bloqueadas la versión del 96 del 2006 y la del 2010!!! muero por verlas otra vez!

  41. Meh — the director changed so many important themes of the original story, but being made for A&E, and directed by a man, I should not be surprised. He glossed over all the subtexts that Bronte intended — she was in fact quite a feminist for her time, and she spoke to a growing struggle for independence that lay in the hearts of so many women of the Victorian era. The director removed the fact that in the novel Jane couldn't wake Rochester when his bed was burning, and made great efforts to put out the fire herself, only waking him part way through that process. He did not include so many scenes where Jane and Edward walked together, and the stimulating intellectual conversations they shared, either. (But then, I doubt this director would know a stimulating intellectual conversation if it came up and bit him.) With St. John ("Sinjin") he also played down the extent to which he attempted to utterly dominate her. It entirely omitted how much she valued being independent in her life's course. Samantha Morton is a wonderful actress, and there were quite a few others, but Ciaran Hinds was much to much over the top with his perpetual scowl.

  42. Hermosa película, emocionante, todo muy agradable, en especial los personajes principales.-

  43. The original black and white version of Jane Eyre starred Orson Wells and Joan Fontaine, beyond doubt very dark and spooky (the first version I ever watched). Rochester was a typical Bronte hero, dark and mysterious. This version I think is very good and true to the book. Ciaran is not typically good looking and fits the part. Samantha Morton plays the part very well in my opinion.

  44. 可惜简没说出那句著名的话……

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