It’s All Good: Official Trailer
It’s All Good: Official Trailer

It’s All Good: Official Trailer

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Get it October 21st!

Three broke filmmakers suffer the consequences of their fraudulent crowdfunding campaign.

Music by Yoko and the Oh No’s “Love U”
Aaron, Vinny and Cooper are dead broke and ready to give up on their pursuit of becoming big shot filmmakers. Desperate to keep the dream alive, they turn to crowdfunding for their first feature film and raise $75,000 dollars. However, they are overtaken by greed and instead blow the money on frivolous luxuries. Now they must face the consequences, including some shady acquaintances interested in their fortune, and an onslaught of angry donors who have been deceived.​


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42 отзывов к статье It’s All Good: Official Trailer

  1. Vam The Anomaly

    Man the first video I ever saw was Gay Zombie. Been a fan ever since. You guys have gotten even more professional at acting in the skits! <3 from Ga!

  2. nwvfd22

    Well played FnD. Well played, you magnificent bastards.

  3. Дима Рафиков

    Хорошо придумали, жаль только фильм пришлось снять что бы в тюрьму не попасть.

  4. hvaranhvaran

    Brilliant shit. Accept that you just like to make alot of people butthurt =)

  5. Sahan Kodagi

    Gentlemen you just got yourself a new subscriber

  6. Yaroslav Glodov

    People are so carrying about stealing few bucks by some guys, but not carrying about stolen thousands by their government.
    That is so sad.
    But movie seems to be fun :)

  7. Cynic_7337

    These guys deserve so much more subscibers

  8. Gnouman

    just GE-NI-US!

  9. mysticnaeco


  10. silentzorah

    Kickstarter: The Movie

  11. ifeelallright

    Anyone seen Mystery Team?

  12. james callahan

    Yeah…that's not funny at all.

  13. claymore cluepile

    thats hollywood man……expect a call from Sony later this week with a $25 million dollar offer……its all good

  14. Casuality07


  15. alex craig

    This makes trashing those negative comments even more satisfying xD You guys are geniuses. Can't wait!

  16. MithrandirTheCage

    Hahaha, yeeesss! you cunts

  17. Gamer2natic

    This movie is so fucking Meta… xD I fucking love it

  18. Officer Waffles

    Hahaha. this is so classic you guys, can't wait to see the film. :)

  19. JRC-Studios

    Haha that's good looking forward to it!

  20. Ananass

    BRAVO ;)

  21. Gorman_Fr33man

    Fucking genius

  22. Aidan Richardson

    you lot fool hear o'clock.

  23. Junkforcac

    This is too good. They got me.

  24. mikeyofosho

    Godamn genius sonsabitches.

  25. MyNameIsBucket

    So is this the sequel to The Sarkeesian Effect?

  26. Sergeant Absol. BR

    This looks so good, it's going to be meta as fuck…
    Definitely going to watch it!

  27. PsychoBoyJack

    wait… what if this movie is not a movie and it's a documentary, and they actually blew out the money and now they ran out of it so they released the documentary pretending it's the movie they promised??

  28. Meepy Gal

    You guys are brilliant. Will be purchasing the film when its released!

  29. BradlesMcGee939

    these guys took the troll level to the next level lmfao

  30. John Smith

    Holy fuck, this has over 300k views!

  31. blitzcloud

    Pretty genius guys.

  32. Reiji Weeppie

    holy fuck these guys

  33. Polythreme

    god damn these guys

  34. Kevin Pulham

    HA! GOT EEM!

  35. Thoughtspeakable

    this might be the biggest and best troll of the year.

  36. Limbo

    This looks fucking hilarious.

  37. Steve

    these motherfuckers… LOL

  38. TheAnarchyFuel

    is there anyway you guys can do a premiere at like a theater in Chicago? I'm a huge fan from Chicago. love you guys

  39. Cheese_Tube

    some of the best trolling on the internet!

  40. kitty3kitty

    I fucking love you guys – just want to say – groovy marketing campaign!! So proud of you!! I held out hope, just proof in my faith in humanity which is slimmer than most!! Doubted you a thousand times but held out – I hope you appreciate me as much as I do you :D. Even if you hadn't completed the project – the money was worth all the free content we got to enjoy over the years.

  41. The SpongeNoob

    This is the best fuck you I have ever seen

  42. Mitnichten

    You guys should have made a better troll video.

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