Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Daniel Radcliffe Movie
Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Daniel Radcliffe Movie

Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Daniel Radcliffe Movie

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Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Burn Gorman
Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Daniel Radcliffe Movie

An FBI agent goes under cover to disrupt a local terrorist group’s effort to make a dirty bomb. Based on a true story.

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33 отзывов - Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) — Daniel Radcliffe Movie

  1. I feel like i will get cancer if i keep reading some of the comments down here.

  2. Fake events…True story, hidden and forbidden.

  3. You're a grand wizard Harry

  4. There are a million movies about brown terrorists out in Hollywood and you guys are complaining about the one white terrorist movie?

  5. This actually looks pretty interesting. Hopefully it's good! No need for a Harry Potter joke either

  6. Harry Potter and the Gas Chamber of Secrets

  7. LOL…. in case you haven't noticed white Nazis are not the problem.

  8. Neo nazis are bad of course but this is just more "the evil white man" bullshit .. Groups like the kkk and neo nazi groups pale in comparison to Muslim apologists and sympathisers and black lives matter type groups

  9. Bennyyyyy from Stranger Things! Omg

  10. More anti-white propaganda.

    How quaint.

  11. why there is Polish flag from our Independence day ?

  12. Point Break with skinheads instead of surfers

  13. after atchinga bunch of these types of movies. im afraid of my own skin. better move to africa now or go micheal jackson style. Man, im tired of being hated for no reason.

  14. Why is it that people who claim not to be racist, are angry about this anti-kkk anti-white supremacist film? This film is about a specific group WITHIN the white community. ITS NOT ABOUT the entire white population. The fact that this comment section is filled with guilty consciences is mind blowing. If you are white and not a white supremacist then guess what THIS FILM IS NOT ABOUT YOU.
    its funny though when black people, muslims and asians complain about hollywood pushing a stereotypical or negative image on their groups, white people say its not a big deal but when a film is finally made where white supremacists are terrorists (which they are) all of a sudden people start lashing out about black people (even though it wasnt a black person that made this film) AND they start to complain about propaganda. Oh so now you understand the power of film and media and how certain images can affect an entire group? Oh ok. White people only care about racism when they feel its directed to their own.

  15. Saw a brofist flag during the riot lol.

  16. Daniel Radcliffe is a Jew though…

  17. Thanks hollywood i hate white people now.

  18. Your a skinhead Harry

  19. the comments are fire

  20. This actually looks pretty interesting.

  21. As a german, I don't think it's funny

  22. Even in a White Supremacist movie, the film studio wanted at least two scenes with Potter in his trademark glasses:

    Must be the ticket sales…

  23. Harry potter and the final solution

  24. This comment section is so aids.

    On one hand we have the super serious, super edgy (and brain dead) Right-Wing Neo-Nazi dropouts denying the Holocaust, and basically saying "goyim" a shit ton and using parentheses for some reason… You know just the typical "jew this", "blacks didn't have it that bad", white trash 4chin nazi kind of shit. Oh and don't forget the "liberal media lies 2 u" comments, even though they watch Fox news all day every day like cattle.

    On the other hand we have the Harry Potter jokes, which are arguably worse.

    AANNNDDD that's it.

  25. i haven't seen a good propaganda movie for a while. hope this one will be okay.

  26. Harry Potter and the Pure-Blood Prince


  28. Very irresponsible film-making — there haven't been any white nationalist terrorist group attacks yet — seems the system is trying to encourage one! Meanwhile there's plenty of Islamist attacks they could have used as inspiration!

  29. First Watson in the UN and now Radcliffe in Imperium.. at least we have video proof when it comes to their trials in the fall of the far left.

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