How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

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Economics 101 — «How the Economic Machine Works.»

Created by Ray Dalio this simple but not simplistic and easy to follow 30 minute, animated video answers the question, «How does the economy really work?» Based on Dalio’s practical template for understanding the economy, which he developed over the course of his career, the video breaks down economic concepts like credit, deficits and interest rates, allowing viewers to learn the basic driving forces behind the economy, how economic policies work and why economic cycles occur.

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[Also Available In Chinese] 经济这台机器是怎样运行的:

[Also Available In Russian] Как действует экономическая машина. Автор: Рэй Далио (на русском языке):


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29 отзывов - How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

  1. Very Interesting.Points back to simple and yet wise behaviour.Earn more,spend for need,borrow with n eye to pay back ASAP,
    Thank you.

  2. why cant the goverment creat the money

  3. investing and productivity drives the economy, not spending. if spending drove the economy, then why doesn't the government just hand out a check to all its citizens?

  4. Fantastic piece, award worthy. I wonder how your cycles are effected given demographic influences. Baby-boomers significantly effected their 'greed' cycle peak ( boom) and I wonder if their respective 'fear' cycle peak implies an appropriate blow off top in the bond market. (p.s. cycle pivot is fast approaching and the talk is growing of a bond market bubble) ….tyvm for your thoughts in advance

  5. Central Banks are a given

  6. The economy is a machine that is broken

  7. This only give a partial story, it paints the central banks as the nice guy. But the big banks are not the nice friendly agents helping us, but central banks are private business intentionally creating cycles. They caused the great depreciation by intentionally contracting the money supply. Also this does not say anything about how money is created, out of nothing, which is unconstitutional. Only the federal government has the right to make money, and this is why we have big cycles, and the banks use this to manipulate the economy to make money. Very distorted…intentionally lying

  8. Makes perfect sense, but my question is, why not increase income beyond my productivity?

  9. Nice basic charts, escaps the real social and economy issues — a Disneyland brainwashing show…

  10. It's really good..thanks a ton

  11. Marvelous explanation, fan of this kind of work, Ray Dalio make more like this

  12. @19:25, I think the increase in productivity growth/GDP is missing.

  13. So are we at the beginning of a long term cycle then?

  14. If your reading the comments, you should just stop right here. . . smh youtube philosophers and geniuses

  15. yea that template is whats happened so far, but… the whole problem is the Currency we use is Fiat Currency. This currency is created to give the government a bail out, but at a interest rate, higher than the amount they received. So nothing is really fixed, it will inevitably happen again, only worse each time, the ebb and flow just gets more and more chaotic untill it collapses.

    Think of it this way, The government starts off with $0, than the Corporation Owned by stock holders, who also has $0 says I will print $1, and give it to the Government, but the Government has to pay me back $1.50 in X amount of time, so when the time comes, the Government physically cannot pay the $1 back because they spent said dollar, AND it is the only Dollar in existence… So how do you pay back 150% of something that only exists as 100%, you cant. So you basically ask to borrow more to pay more back.

    The average person is unable to do that, that'd be like using 1 credit card to pay another credit card, than getting a bigger credit card to pay that 1 over and over and over.

    The whole problem we have is Credit, the fact that our money is Fiat money, and it is controlled by a corporation, The Federal Reserve.

  16. This was a great children's bedtime story, why you ask? because only a child would believe this. We are so far in debt we can never pay it back. The federal debt alone is 20 trillion dollars not counting the possible 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Yes, the central banks will print money and steal the people's purchasing power. Basically we are fucked either way. I would like to see this 'beautiful deleveraging' what bullshit. Dalio is the recipient of all this easy money and now he wants to make a video about it. Fuck you Ray. How about you give back what you made in the market to all those average people you and your gov't buddies stole in our purchasing power!

  17. I have a question. 22:00, he says 'even though debt disappears, debt restructuring causes income and asset values to disappear faster,'. How does it happen? What's the relationship of debt disppearing and income and asset value disppearing here?

  18. He conveniently leaves out the part where; in order to settle a debt from money printed from nothing-you have to print more money. So a majority of debts can never be repaid. Therefore the system fails when new money seizes to be reissued. Lmao. I love ray though :]

  19. The central bank can only buy financial assets, I think there is the problem. If the central bank can only help the economy stabilize , in case of deleverage, by lending money to the government and buying assets from the rich, then the central bank will have more assets! in each cycle!

  20. The central bank can only buy financial assets, I think there is the problem. If the central bank can only help the economy stabilize , in case of deleverage, by lending money to the government and buying assets from the rich, then the central bank will have more assets as will the rich, while the poor will have more debt! in every cycle!

  21. Is it only me who feels uncomfortable when he says 'It's human nature.'?  I appreciate for the explanations… but can't help myself feeling uncomfortable with that sentence..

  22. Blah blah blah, lost intense half way. When anyone talks down to you like a child with stupid cartoons its most likely government propaganda.

  23. how is being in debt a good thing?

  24. Credit is counterfeit money; fraud. Creating it is a criminal activity, and it is unnatural. The example without credit is how the economy should work. Because of credit, competition stays primarily on the demand side, and innovation is slowed. In fact, companies build crap goods, to sell to credit, with basically a ticker on them, waiting for them to break, so they can sell more, to more people, with credit. "Credit", or more rightfully stated, counterfeit money, has stifled economic progress ever since it was introduced. Regarding supply and demand, when the supply of something decreases, like, lets say, natural resources, the price goes up. This naturally leads to people finding alternatives. But, as we can see, were still using gasoline, and coal for electricity, even though the supply has gone down and the price has gone up. This is because people have been perpetually borrowing money, for so long, that we have yet to feel the "need" to find alternatives. And this, basically, is economic stagnation, created by banks, counterfeiting money, lending it to people, and then it acting as an artificial demand to these "markets". It is responsible for 100+ years of economic stagnation, + 100+ years of pollution by using outdated methods of fuel, and also, manufacturing boatloads of crap, that gets thrown out, just to be replaced by more crap. I'm not saying this is "solely" responsible for humans pollution, because plastic use is a problem all of its own (its kind of like, "ok, if we fuck up the Earth now, we won't have to clean it up until later." Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Its that "credit mentality".) that needs to be addressed. Fact of the matter is, many countries are never going to pay back the debts they've accrued, so basically, they just ate for free, at the expense of other people's "productivity". What's going to be the outcome of that? Are these countries going to get a "slap on the hand"? What needs to happen, is bankers need to be held accountable for their crimes of money counterfeiting, and generally fucking up the economy and the Earth, and all "debts", be forgiven. It's a really fucked up situation, and basically banks have caused chaos, and the only way to "settle the books", is a whole lot of forgiveness and understanding.

  25. I really love this video. It's everything I've ever thought put into an animation.

  26. Thanks for posting this!!
    This is basic but very valuable information.

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