Filth –  Official Trailer – On DVD and Blu-ray Now!
Filth – Official Trailer – On DVD and Blu-ray Now!

Filth – Official Trailer – On DVD and Blu-ray Now!

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▶ Available on DVD and Blu-ray Now!
▶ Starring: James McAvoy, Jamie Bell, Imogen Poots, Joanne Froggatt, Jim Broadbent, Shirley Henderson, Eddie Marsan, Emun Elliott, Martin Compston, Shauna Macdonald and Gary Lewis
▶ Directed by Jon S. Baird

Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson wants a promotion. He is clearly the best man for the job – the rest of his colleagues are just idiots.

Annoyingly, there’s been a murder and Bruce’s boss wants results. No problem for Bruce. He’s in control and when he solves the case and wins the promotion, his wife will return to him. No problem.

But is life that simple? Is Bruce the man he really thinks he is? The tragic, hilarious and memorable answers unfold in FILTH…

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35 отзывов к статье Filth – Official Trailer – On DVD and Blu-ray Now!

  1. FistKitso

    Before I watched this movie, I expected a funny black comedy with plenty of sex, drugs, and violence. Kinda like the Wolf of Wall Street.

    Didn't expect it to be all feels during the last half of the film…

  2. Sasha Tsarenko

    What song?0:000:08????

  3. Sasha Tsarenko

    What song?0:08????

  4. Zakaria Kaleem

    Can someone please tell me what the song in the beginning is

  5. Anne St.


  6. zztop3000

    This movie looks retarded

  7. Stop and KEK

    The ending was… Meh.

  8. IVO ZE

    whats the song at the start of the trailer?

  9. Euan scotland

    Hahaha whiskey is a terrible drink. No one Scottish drinks it. But shhhhush. It's a billion £ export.

  10. PlayOnForMe

    Does anyone know the first song?

  11. aaron sanders

    i love this movie

  12. Mehmet Öztürk

    kolpaçino bomba is better

  13. JuniorXEastNY

    It seems like Irvine Welsh will never top Trainspotting. That book/film was the best! No one had ever seen anything like it, and Danny Boyle as director was out of control!! Everything since then has been……….meh.

  14. Areté

    Its sick ,its piss ,its revolting and insulting, absolutely freaky love it.

  15. Sung Rhie

    Thank God I watched the movie first. The trailer gives you the wrong idea about the movie.

  16. Phenomenal

    Actually a really good film with a pretty decent story behind it, alongside of course great humour..

  17. blck chsm

    spoiler alert.. this is basically that episode of king of the hill where bill snaps, dresses as his ex-wife and makes all his neighbors really uncomfortable

  18. Alex Salvatore

    Well that accent, it's really hard to understand for not a native speaker lol. It's kind of easy to understand him in his other movies but in this one. that was kinda hell

  19. Ameya Vinayaraj

    Damn it, Logan messed with the timeline again!

  20. Vinicius Garrett

    Favorite actor <3 Sr James Mcavoy

  21. ScarletSpiderDave

    The song at the end is "Filthy Gorgeous" by "Scissor Sisters".

  22. annisa safira

    Oh Professor, I'm disappointed of you. No wonder erik went mad…

  23. mbabitt

    The first song: CSC – Down the Road

  24. FurryNomNoms

    This was the longest 2 minutes of my life

  25. Yasin Ceylan

    I watched thats movie. it's interesting. it is like me

  26. Henry Harris

    I always actually surprised by this movie it was really great the direction was good the cinematography was good and fitting and the screenplay was pretty brilliant but i will warn you this movie gets disturbing and quite sad pretty fucking quick

  27. Lynn Vandevander

    amazing movie

  28. Katy Di Bazi

    Would never watch this load of shit!

  29. Katy Di Bazi

    disgusting movie!

  30. ‫ابورعد العنزي ابورعدالعنزي‬‎


  31. ‫ابورعد العنزي ابورعدالعنزي‬‎


  32. Arpell Vargas

    I really love that bloody movie…

  33. Fernando Reyes

    The problem with Scotland is that it's full of Scots.

  34. meryl ouahes

    Same rules apply…

  35. Andrew Hall

    Great movie

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