ECHO Gameplay Trailer
ECHO Gameplay Trailer

ECHO Gameplay Trailer

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ECHO is a 3rd Person Science Fiction Adventure for PC and Consoles (TBA), created by Ultra Ultra, using the Unreal 4 Engine.


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23 отзывов - ECHO Gameplay Trailer

  1. It got me hooked with " So it's the way you play the game that shapes your enemy", yea I love that!

  2. this feels like it would get repetitive really quick

  3. i wonder how speed runners would handle this game

  4. Hm. Seems I'm going to go through Dark Souls all over again if i were to ever play this game.

  5. Looks great and atmospheric, looking forward to the release of this game. 9.7/10

  6. this is some next level concept.

  7. There is alot of games coming out that somewhat in a way resemble this gameplay. Such as Hello Neighbor, where you play as an unknown person who is trying to get into your neighbors basement without being caught by him.. The game also keeps track of your actions so your neighbor knows if you'll go in the same spot again to catch or trap you in any way. I think games like these are way more funner and challenging

  8. Did anyone else notice that when the character left the after image of herself, that it's kinda (emphasis on kinda) like what Arno from Assassin's Creed: Unity can do?

  9. interesting concept but gameplay looks a bit clunky. As soon as I see something like 'tap B to break free' i just sigh

  10. The intro and end credit music doe

  11. nice work cous <3

  12. Plot twist the main character is actually an echo too

  13. What is the aim of the game?

  14. I absolutely love the design and idea of this game….. But after the sheer disappointment that was No Mans Sky, I can't get hyped for it……….. but I will reserve a copy.

  15. What if i don't know what i'm doing myself? echo's gonna be fuckt then ;-;

  16. so i just jump around all the time and when it reboots i kill my jumping echos?

  17. Will the entire game be cycle simulations?

  18. Steam greenlight garbage.

  19. Seems Indie, Looks nice, it should have a cool following. No over hype because we know what we're getting into. Successful marketing. In my opinion .

  20. Echo looks like Griffith was Berserk xD!

  21. …..Where are the dolphins?!

  22. Character design is quite derpy. Not mentioning that haircut

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