Dreams Trailer: Westworld (HBO) – MATURE

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Live without limits.
Westworld, the new HBO series, premieres 10/2 at 9PM.
Discover Westworld today at https://www.discoverwestworld.com/

Watch all new episodes of Westworld on HBO NOW: http://itsh.bo/2dpoOhY

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Learn more: http://itsh.bo/23iirPJ

It’s HBO.

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Dreams Trailer: Westworld (HBO) – MATURE

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50 отзывов к статье Dreams Trailer: Westworld (HBO) – MATURE

  1. Joetje 070

    Just saw the first episode and I think this is another hit! Awesome cast, really good acting skills! I got hooked on it! Keep it going HBO!

  2. TangoLife

    Who knows who made the piano at the beginning?

  3. Tom KD6SBR

    SUCKS BIG TIME! WILL NOT LAST ANOTHER SEASON, HBO FUCKED UP AGAIN ON THIS GARBAGE!!! Lets see, they canceled "The Brink" WHICH was FANTASTIC, and put " Vice Principals" in its place, another POS SHOW!!,
    Luckilly Ballers will be back for at least a few more seasons after season 2.

  4. Crimson Head The Goon

    Oh my God this show is Fantastic! Most original thing I've seen in 5 years.

  5. FioletowaKuraZMarsa

    alternative Universe? Steampunk technology? A.Hopkins – creepy like in ,,Hannibal"? hmmm Muste see ASAP!

  6. Bob Chillison

    I'm in this show in episode 8 I get a scene

  7. A A

    Watched this last night. It was awesome. It's a slow burn show. A LOT of potential here. Okay HBO don't fuc# it up!

  8. Tim Still

    I think we have ourselves a winner!

  9. anand altantsog

    well its basicly the village meets jurassic world meets truman show and groundhog day

  10. Higgz Bozzen

    THE IDIOTS IN THIS COMMENT SECTION WHO THINK WESTWOOD IS GOOD  ARE YOUR TYPICAL WEEBO BRAINDEAD  NORMIES WHO GO TO SEE  ALL THE TRANSFORMER MOVIES THINKING " THE LAST 3 WERE BAD BUT I KNOW THIS ONE IS GONNA BE GREAT" !!!!!!! lol   , I watched the premier this Sunday,,, Westwood is more formulaic garbage,, ((( Hollywood ))) cant produce anything original anymore  , so they push this contrived bullshit based on algorithms,,,, they figure what will draw audiences in ,,, Sex, gratuitous violence and a  plotline we have seen in 6 different movies, throw it in a blender and you have WESTWOOD , a steamy pile of shit… ,, more  popcorn for the idiots,,,,,, NEXT!!!!

  11. jose kq

    hello doloris / hello clarice? Someone?

  12. Frederick Zabala

    so the gunslinger is the only character from the movie to appear in the remake??

  13. LadySara

    I was so confused about this show when I saw the first trailer (not this one). But now that I have a clearer idea what it is about, I am so ready for tomorrow:

  14. Chelsea Granger

    oh man. looks like a mindfuck

  15. ProStarter

    AH is Othello!
    enough said!

  16. Anna Gruber

    writers got no imagination. they gotta remake shit to make more shit.

  17. izzy4053

    Again the producers like Trump, have taken the stance of not having any Hispanics as cast members! If that's not racism then what would you call it???????

  18. In Lucille We Trust

    Preparations for the post-Game of Thrones era…

  19. green pastures

    Look up donald marshall. This trailer hints at his information.

  20. ‫ال شيلبي‬‎

    HBO interested in sex

  21. LousySob

    I thought this show would be fucked up. Then I scrolled too far down and read a couple of comments.

  22. Corbin Moore


  23. SlaveTrader

    evan rachel better show her tits and pussy in every episode. so fucking sick of lack of nudity on tv shows and movies these days bc of all the feminist cunts going around with equal rights bullshit these days.

  24. Linda J

    looks knda creepy

  25. Markus Kruger

    I really hope this show lives up to its potential. We need another show to go with game of thrones on HBO

  26. GOD DOG

    I love it that the film had good potential to carry it on into its own series


    I recommend you listen to Donald Marshall. This is real and has to be stopped.

  28. Brandon Reed

    This going to be a flop. Calling it now. It will not live up to the hype.

  29. bigraviolees

    Robo ho's

  30. harlequinn 00

    Looks dope AF

  31. Kanista17

    looks like INSIDE with these glas cubes


    Looks awesome!!!

  33. Nayden

    DAMN! What a great trailer.

  34. kritt 44

    will watch for Anthony Hopkins

  35. driver nine

    Would be awesome if this is the intro music !

  36. ElRadioDJ913

    What a cast though!

  37. justcallme...

    Is this anything like the 70's movie with Yul Brynner?

  38. Fallen Jager

    Can someone tl/dr the plot?it looks great and gibberish at the same time

  39. Walter Perkins

    Looks really interesting. Hopefully it will be a hit.

  40. Jack Jia

    Who did that amazing piano?

  41. Cole Barnett

    thank you

  42. OneFoot Ninja

    Love how people bitch and complain that "characters" are going to die when all you see is a brief tease in a trailer and you have no clue whether those characters are robots or not..ffs goddamn crybabies..

  43. Connor Ward

    If this is based off the movie, then I can't wait. It looks very very loosely based off the movie and the if you haven't seen it then this trailer makes little sense. but. It does look amazing. plus. hopkins=greatness

  44. seegurke93

    1:03 😉 I am pleased. Thanks.

  45. Eddy Gordo

    Overused ideas, nothing original here, please move on…

  46. Kylo Ren

    absolutely amazing trailer!!!

  47. Tard

    Feel like disliking this video SIMPLY because it looks like Thandie dies and the other guy dies. And now HBO is spoiling the ANOTHER freakin show with trailers… So fucking stupid!

    pause at 1:11.

  48. Andrea Drepaul

    They're comparing this show to GOT, which means don't fall in love with any of these characters, they're going to rip them away.

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