Dr. Seuss On The Loose (complete — HQ)
Dr. Seuss On The Loose (complete — HQ)

Dr. Seuss On The Loose (complete — HQ)

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Those upstarts, it’s true, now have stars just like you
but follow me my friends and you know what i’ll do?
I’ll make you again the best sneetches on the beaches
and all it will cost you is 10 dollars eaches!

*The Sneetches
*The Zax
*Green Eggs & Ham


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34 отзывов - Dr. Seuss On The Loose (complete — HQ)

  1. When I was little I was curious how the machines worked

  2. truth be told… it feels weird watching this without the sing-along lyrics. :)

  3. This bring me back memories from grade1

  4. Why doesn't the one zax jump over the other

  5. I used to watch this as a small child when I didn't speak any English at all and somehow I still managed to find this. Life can be good to you at times.

  6. ?And I will eat them on a boat ?and I will eat them with a goat.?and I will eat them in the rain & in the dark & in a train. ?and in a car and in a tree?they are so good so good you see!?so I will eat them in a box & I will eat them with a fox?and I will eat them in a house and I will eat them with a mouse?& I will eat them here and there?say I will eat them anywhere!??

  7. I love your books

  8. We should show the Zax to Congress.

  9. it almost felt like a scary ending in the zax.

  10. CCCCRRRRRRAAAAAAASSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:41

  11. Green Eggs & Ham 16:43 (My Favorite)

  12. I used to watch this all the time with a bunch of other Dr. Seuss Cartoons. My favorite out of these 3 is Green Eggs and Ham. Why? because THAT'S COMEDY! Plus all the songs that Dr. Seuss himself wrote (in all the cartoons he worked on for most of the 20th century) are down right catchy. One more thing, the Dr. used green in almost all of his books and TV specials cause it was his favorite color. Just like him I like green too. :)

  13. Abdominal stars are abominable!!! Anyone else got this song on the brain?

  14. did one just show his butt?????

  15. I love the music at 24:33!

  16. Animated by John Gibbs Bob Matz Bob Richardson Dick Thompson Don Williams Fred Madison John Freeman Bob Bransford and Bob Bemiller.

  17. let's start a chain!

    oooh, at the edge of each ocean…..

  18. I'm more of a plain belly sneetch kinda guy.

  19. Allan Sherman, the voice of The Cat in the Hat in this and the 1971 cartoon, died shortly after this was finished being made.

  20. I have seen this before

  21. Holy nostalgia batman.

  22. I think that one of the zax should have ducked under the other

  23. I love dr.seuss!

  24. Who are the voices of Sam and the Grouchy-Guy in the Hat in Green Eggs and Ham?

  25. When I first heard the grouchy guy speak, I was like "OMG!!! It's Tigger!" Paul Winchell is awesome back when he was alive.

  26. 16:50 Is that line even a meme yet?

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