DON’T BREATHE — Official Red Band Trailer (In Theaters August 26)
DON’T BREATHE — Official Red Band Trailer (In Theaters August 26)

DON’T BREATHE — Official Red Band Trailer (In Theaters August 26)

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It’s so fucked up… #DontBreathe and see it in theaters August 26.

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A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

Directed by:
Fede Alvarez

Written by:
Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues

Jane Levy
Dylan Minnette
Daniel Zovatto
and Stephen Lang


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42 отзывов - DON’T BREATHE — Official Red Band Trailer (In Theaters August 26)

  1. شطرررررر بطررر يعني ريح ريح

  2. Awesome trailer and movie!, but oh… those spoilers

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  4. I've watched it and it was amazing! This video was not a huge spoiler! Such a Twisted Movie!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  5. نزل لعبة البنى الي معي لايك

  6. I saw don't breathe isn't scary

  7. مبادي لسه ???

  8. Just saw this, literally don't go to this movie if you want to relax at all. After maybe 10 minutes you're gonna be clenched up and intrigued but terrified at the same time

  9. I wish they showed more of the back story, instead of just the main action parts. I get they have to make the trailers interesting but they kind of spoiled the whole story line of the movie. I am not saying this is completely true, but most horror movies don't have a huge story line; it's mostly about trying to scare the audience with creepy things, and jump scares. and since we can basically assume the story line of this movie (they get captured, or caught trying to sneak in his house, people die, one person makes it out, or everybody dies) Sony in general just gave the whole thing away. this is why it tends to be so hard to make horror, or action movies trailers good without giving things away. in action movies they tend to give away the big action scenes. and for horror movies they tend to give away the biggest scares. again I'm not saying this is true for all movies (some action and horror movies have very good trailer), but in this case, we basically just watched the whole movie.

  10. I can't wait till part two comes out I'm going see it cause the girl survived

  11. I watched the full movie yesterday

  12. م عجبني ?

  13. Wait… she got out and then STOPPED in the same fucking street to shout back at the house?!
    what the hell is wrong with uuuu….

  14. I think, I'm the only one who saw this movie. I noticed some clips from this trailer were not in the movie. total disappointment

  15. I just watched the whole movie with this trailer ??

  16. Wow, no zombies, no hidden cameras or The Ring kind of bullshit. Maybe I'll watch this one.

  17. اللي جاي من طرف فارس لايك ?✋

  18. Dope Movie!! This is gonna give Green Room and Hush a run for their money…But there are a couple of scenes in the trailer missing in the movie…

  19. really…..fucked up…….really…..really……fucked up………really!!!!!!

  20. اللي جاي من xfariis
    لااايككك ??.

  21. اصحاب ثنيان موجودين ? ?

  22. well that was fucked up

  23. فارس يا king

  24. الي جاي من فارس لايك

  25. ‏اللي جاي من فارس لايك

  26. What the… So many scenes in this trailer that aren't in the actual film. Why? WHY?!

  27. ok trailer phrrrrrrrrtt

  28. this movie was great! jumps what in the world moments and lots of OMG!!!!

  29. Actually, this trailer doesn't give out all that much.

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