Dolly Parton — I will always love you
Dolly Parton — I will always love you

Dolly Parton — I will always love you

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Clip from the movie


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35 отзывов - Dolly Parton — I will always love you

  1. I respect it for being the original , it was good but basic , Whitney's was on a whole different level

  2. I will always love you da da d da

  3. well damn?. The way whitney houston sung it, made it sound like whitney was the owner of the song, but boy was i wrong.

  4. jaja vicente fernandez y cristina aguilera

  5. I will always love you, Dolly!!!!

  6. Whitney sucks Dolly for life

  7. From the movie 1970s Best Little Whore House in Texas… Dolly Parton wrote the song "I Will Always Love You," for Porter Wagner… She wanted to do thing song writing on her own.

  8. While Whitney had an incredibly powerfull voice, a more stripped back version like this one almost lets you focus on the emotion of it more.

  9. dang this is one of the first videos to be uploaded on youtube

  10. How is the movie called?

  11. How does god expect us to handle so much sadness and death, I'm done with all of it, it's so hard to believe in a higher spirit, why we he take our loved ones just when we need them most.

  12. She always gives me chills

  13. Dolly's version is way better sry !!

  14. Curiosity what movie is this?

  15. She sings this way better than Whitney Houston. ?

  16. 0:47 Oh my gosh Dolly Parton started that song! I never knew my gosh holy shoot gosh golly Gee son of a Billygoat scruff.

  17. everyone is over in these comments over who sang it better and im like "my sub in chorus a year ago sang this song to perfection, slayed all these hoes that sang it" no but for real true story.

  18. i thought this song for whitney houston !!!

  19. Dolly, I love you!

  20. At one time she was a great singer. But her fake tits and excessive plastic surgery turned her into a joke. That's why a lot of people don't take her seriously.

  21. Dolly wrote this to Porter Wagoner after their profesessional breakup. He was trying to control her carreer, and she had fought him for awhile. This was her way of walking away, and saying goodbye, but telling him there were no hard feelings. Look who ended up on top. It wasn't the guy from West Plains MO>

  22. Dolly Parton — I will always love you

  23. ds version as great luv am in luv wit it

  24. this is the original ver?

  25. This makes me cry every time.

  26. all i gotta say is WHITNEY was famous before she copied the song both are good.

  27. I like both versions

  28. Dolly Parton did a wonderful job writing and singing this song.

  29. Her voice is so amazing it gives me chills

  30. I love ALL the versions: Dolly, Whitney, Carrie. That's a sign a great song.

  31. You know, this is one of the last movies I expected this song to be featured in. And sure enough, it's featured in it.

  32. After watching drunk history

  33. How about this
    Both versions are amazing!
    Why compare? Its like comparing chocolate and ice cream. You can prefer one version but don't bash the other.
    Personally I'm not usually a fan of country music so id rather listen to Whitney's version. My dad loves country and he likes Dolly's version. Why do we all have to fight about music taste? And allot of songs that are famous are covers.
    How about we appreciate both. Whitney had a voice that will never be forgotten and Dolly had an amazing song writing ability.
    Now stop getting your panties in a bunch and go get some chocolate or ice cream (your choice)

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