Deewana — Superhit Bollywood Movie | Shahrukh Khan | Rishi Kapoor | Divya Bharti
Deewana — Superhit Bollywood Movie | Shahrukh Khan | Rishi Kapoor | Divya Bharti

Deewana — Superhit Bollywood Movie | Shahrukh Khan | Rishi Kapoor | Divya Bharti

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Kajal (Divya Bharti) falls in love and marries a famous singer Ravi (Rishi Kapoor). They live their newly married life happily for a while, until tragedy strikes: Ravi’s greedy uncle Pratap (Amrish Puri) and cousin Narender (Mohnish Behl), who are determined to lay their hands on Ravi�s wealth. Ravi’s cousin first tries to rape Kajal but fails when Ravi beats him up. Then, Ravi’s uncle Pratap hire hoodlums to kill Ravi, and he is thrown off a cliff. Along with Ravi, Pratap’s son dies.
Kajal�s mother-in-law (Sushma Seth) takes Kajal away from the depression of losing her husband to start a new life. In a new city
Raja (Shahrukh Khan), accidentally hits Kajal’s mother-in-law, Kajal scolds him, and he falls in love with her.
and they get married. but the story takes a twist when Ravi who survives the cliff fall retuns.


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  1. sharukh khan is all best movies.

  2. very nice love story muvie

  3. The best ever movie..
    i m watching now and its my 41th time…

  4. So Nice das movie

  5. Brother 90 songs and movies are best


  7. Veryyyyyyyyy nice movie

  8. tum nahi he phir bhi I love you divvy

  9. i appreciate u divya,,the princess of paradise.

  10. rishi kapoor and divya

  11. very very nice pi.c saruk

  12. This all looks strange for me:

    The police had also arrived and they were busy recording the statements from the two eye-witnesses, Neeta lulla and her husband. Neeta's version at the police station states,"I was not sure whether Divya had jumped down or whether she had slipped accidently because the sequence of events was in split second." At the time of filing in this article, the police had still not recorded Divya's maid's statement for reasons best known to them. But the strangest version came from Sajid's father who told the police that Divya and Sajid were not married. "In fact, they were supposed to get' married after three months," he revealed. It was really surprising and shocking to note how people had still not matured after such a tragedy.

    Later, at around six in the morning, the doctors declared that a postmortem would have to be done on Divya since it was a case of an unnatural death. Her body could be collected from the Coroner's Court after two, the same afternoon. It was then that the question of the funeral arose. Since Divya and Sajid had not announced their marriage formally, everyone was in a dilemma. There seemed nobody who could come ahead and take a decision. Then, all the elders and the well-wishers who had assembled had a hush hush meeting. And after hearing what Sajid had told the doctors it was decided that Divya would be buried, as per the Muslim rites. But it was Sajid's mother who firmly objected to it. "I know nothing about Sajid's marriage to Divya so how can I give consent?" So Pahlaj asked Divya's mother. Mrs. Bharati, on the other hand was beyond any differences. "My daughter is gone. Now what difference does it make whether you cremate her or bury her?" she argued. The green signal for the burial was given by Divya's mom. The message was conveyed to Sajid's mother. That's when tears filled her eyes and she started crying I went ahead to console her. I told her that Sajid was recovering. And she sternly replied, "I'm not crying for Sajid. I'm crying. for my Sana (Divya's name after marriage)." And finally it was decided that Divya would be buried.

    But quite surprisingly later in the day, Mrs. Bharati had a change of heart. She reponedly told Sajid's friends, 'So what if my daughter was married to Sajid? She had not changed her religion. And if she had done so, I would like to see the necessary documents. If you cannot provide that, Divya will be cremated; she stated.

    Sajid's friends were obviously in a panic. They rushed to Sajid who had recovered by now. They asked him for the documents. But they were rudely shocked beyond belief when Sajid reportedly denied even marrying Divya. So there was no question of any conversion. This act of Sajid's irritated his friends no end. They even offered to get the nikaahnaama in an hour's time. But Sajid stuck to his denial.

  13. I really love this movie cuz its teaches me a lot

  14. SRK and Divya would have been a more legendary couple than SRK and Kajol, if Divya would be still alive. I'm sure

  15. Divya was such a beautiful, cute and very talented actress. She would have been the Top 1 Actress in India, if she were still alive

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