Deadpool And Spider Man Funny Trailer
Deadpool And Spider Man Funny Trailer

Deadpool And Spider Man Funny Trailer

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25 отзывов - Deadpool And Spider Man Funny Trailer

  1. Porra todos falam inglês

  2. This is sooooo freakin fake and stupid

  3. es mentira este trailer

  4. It is a pure copy of the suicide squad

  5. Deadpool is from world of X-men. Spiderman is from world of Avengers. Song is from world of Justice League. Well done.

  6. thumbs up but not that funny but i wish deadpool VS spiderman would be a movie!

  7. Kkkk batman? Locão?

  8. The funniest Superheroes ever

  9. pera los que ablan español este video esta mas editado que el culo de mi abuela

  10. best video ever

  11. more like you may be wondering why the s squad song so this guy makes fake trailers

  12. Dt Spiderman and deadpool and batman çek

  13. This doesn't make sense. Wanna know why? Because Deadpool is in CANADA and Spider-Man is in the U.S!

    never less great vid tho.

  14. This is funny as hell

  15. fro them tumffhot nasa

  16. oh my g.o.s.h that was sick

  17. i wish they made this into a real movie that would be cool

  18. It's fake but awesome

  19. That was the best trailer ever

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