Dead Silence Trailer
Dead Silence Trailer

Dead Silence Trailer

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Dead Silence Trailer


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  1. Ugh watched way too much Goosebumps as a kid to handle this shit


    Turns out the protagonist´s father was a doll all along. Seriously. Not a normal doll, a human body made into a doll. The doll lady possesed a young woman claiming to be his assistant, and then controlled his every movement, even speaking, eating (she made a giant hole in his back to move his jaw and when he was "eating", she put a bowl inside, under the throat.)

  3. Good, it's rare to find good doll horrors

  4. My friend hates dolls because of this movie

  5. I like this movie. So much


  6. Its just like Annabelle

  7. Such a disappointment

  8. Cool how no one in the comments spoils the ending (:

  9. @james james that film was shit all we saw was a bitch smack her face against the studio window and a horde of people that do not kill or transmit the infection but if you say the word kill your infected. What a shit film and the only time you see infected is when there's only 20 mins left of the film

  10. loved this movie

  11. One of the greatest horror movies everrrrrrrrrr.

  12.  i cant see e.e

  13. I was 11 when I first watched this and it became my favourite ever since

  14. Absolutely love these high tension adrenalin running movies but think I've seen all of them. Much prefer them to gory movies like Saw. They usually seem to have some old man with a creepy story to tell to a younger person about a legend of the town, they need to make more of these.

  15. No, it's not sarcasm. I like these horror movies.

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