Caster Semenya Wins Women’s 800m Final IAAF Diamond League Monaco 2016
Caster Semenya Wins Women’s 800m Final IAAF Diamond League Monaco 2016

Caster Semenya Wins Women’s 800m Final IAAF Diamond League Monaco 2016

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Caster Semenya Wins Women’s 800m Final IAAF Diamond League Monaco 2016


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39 отзывов - Caster Semenya Wins Women’s 800m Final IAAF Diamond League Monaco 2016

  1. No one can do what he can do because he is an athletic man.

  2. I cannot believe this is even up for debate, I cannot believe this has more likes than dislikes. I mean, I do believe, but I wish I knew the science behind politically correct thinking, it's totally fucking alien to me, you people have no ability to think for yourselves. Its so cultish.

  3. That's a man baby!

  4. Lol this is the equality that feminists want.

  5. DAMN!!! SHE IS FAST!!!

  6. Well done caster! Australia supports you.

  7. The white ppl in these comments are sad; Like I know your relevancy in society is fading but to call Caster a man just because these white women are too slow to compete is childish. I don't see anyone complaining about the actual transsexual white man that fights against women in the MMA. White ppl are getting more & more upset over dumber things everyday & I cant help but wonder what that will culminate into smh.

  8. the world is a disgrace for letting a man compete as a women. disgusting.

  9. fucking tranny cheating faceass what a damn shame

  10. Wow! that dude smoked those chicks with ease… If you want to see a dude beat up some chicks really messed up like check out fallon fox ufc

  11. It's a real possibility that this could lead to the end of the real women's Olympics. It's just a matter of time before trainers go scouting for more "women" like Caster Semeya. After all, they only need to find two more as the medals are the only thing that matter.

  12. Look here all you sons of bitches,get a life..and stop talking shit about Semenya..just grow balls,im sure she has bigger balls than you all and a tighter pussy than all of you hoes…I hate you all,you bloody racists!..#CASTER _FOR _GOLD, LOVE YOU N ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Good job, man!

  14. The world has officially become overtly Satanic. I used to laugh at that stuff, but when i see the overt brainwashing going on regarding cases like this I just can't laugh it off anymore. This is INSANE. The worst part of it all is the media blanket pushing indoctrinated drivel about the unfair treatment of Semenya.
    I know she has to deal with a lot, but COME ON. You dont have to be an arsehole to her to understandably rule her out. If she wants to compete so badly then why not enter the men's???? Possibly because they would have an unfair genetic advantage?? Yep, so she'd feel just like every female athlete she runs against????!? This is MADNESS.
    The media sprays us with this PC garbage and the worst of it is the female athletes are vilified is they dont just accapt it. Everybody is so terrified of thought crime and being labelled a bad person that we're complete sheep.
    And I was watching over my right shoulder so long for the dystopia all this type — that's hilarious. Seems I should have been looking over my left shoulder — more fools me huh. I spent a lifetime fighting for the left wing and human rights, only to arrive at a place where I can no longer distinguish the left wing media from the conservative press of old, and I see the right wing and the left wing as a single entity. What a disgrace.

  15. Wait until these men try to compete in Women's Boxing event. The world is expected to stand up and cheer as the men beat the $hit out of a woman in the ring. These guys should have picked better events that were closer to being fair like equestrian events or shooting. I bet South Africa tries to clone him to get a full team like Caster. Okay. Let's just break this down on a simpler lever so people can better understand. It's like the officials who make the rules decided it was a terrific idea to take a professional racing greyhound and instead of putting it on a track with other racing greyhounds decided to instead put it on the same track with professional racing chihuahuas, called it a fair and balanced event, proclaimed surprise and enthusiasm at how well the greyhound ran, gave the greyhound all the praise and rewards, and said "Better luck next time chihuahuas. Maybe one day if you work hard enough, you might actually have a chance. Ha ha"! Then the officials clap each other on the back and laud themselves on how well they've done keeping the playing field even for competitors over a big juicy steak.

  16. Banning her from running due to something she can't help. Almost like telling black people they don't belong in certain restaurants. There are many people who have genetic advantages. You don't see me getting pissed at people with Sickle cell disease for having a natural immunity to malaria. It is what it is. Deal with that shit.

  17. Caster is a man yeah

  18. meh brainwashing done well

  19. They hate caster cos shes black if she was white and could still run this fast i don't think they would be this much negativity around her…… well done Caster South Africa will always be proud of you and never let the negativity destroy you use it to destroy them always go for First place never settle for anything less then that. We love you.

  20. What a shameful scam and to believe that the organizers cannot see the foolishness to allow a man race in a woman's competition. Semenya is a thief!!!

  21. All sport is a politic. Fuck USA.

  22. GO Caster !!!!!!!

    From South Africans to the the rest of the world: Leave our Caster alone !!

  23. where's the ban hammer when you need one

  24. yessssss girl ….

  25. it's a mess, from when the IAAF ,from 2009,went public, with her records, which is why this is still going on,,she can be beaten in races, you just have to not ,run a fast ,first lap,and follow, her every move, and out ,sprint her

  26. I refused to believe this but it is getting clearer and clearer that white people are evil.

  27. total double standard when it comes to bullshit political correctness.

  28. So a man won against some women, why is there any celebration. No competition.

  29. SEMENya's balls are not the issue, nope, those testicles had nothing to do with his win. Nope. Nothing at all.

  30. Catastrophic for women's sports those dickless idiots

  31. Aoi:

    This is simple and the Olympics says it all. Look at the women's events
    the require strength and/or endurance and compare it to the men's. 1st
    place womens 800m : Caster Semenya: 1:55.28 ; 1st place mens 800m :
    David Rushida: 1:42.15 . Then look at all the rest of the events that
    have parallel women's and men's events and you will see a pattern. In
    the beginning of the "modern" Olympics there were no women's Olympics.
    Women could compete but would seldom win especially in events requiring
    strength and/or endurance. That is why there is Women's Olymics today.
    Edit: Look at Semenya's qualifier and races; she is holding back so she
    does not completely dominate the other women.

    Regarding her gender: she is both, but I give her the respect of calling
    her a she/her. Having testicles in place of ovaries and looking like a
    man but have a vagina must be difficult for anyone with a condition like
    she has. To be honest, when I first saw a picture of her, I thought she
    was a man. IT IS NATURAL INSTINCT to recognize individuals as male or
    female at first sight. My opinion: TransOlympics. This was men that
    identify as women cannot decimate a female event and yet still be (shoot
    me) politically correct.

    She also likes the controversy if you examine her social accounts.
    Quote: "Be happy in front of your haters, it kills them."

  32. This coward competes with women in order to secure the win

  33. Here ya go ladies…heres Your EQUALITY!! How does it taste!!!!

  34. This dude is not even out of breath!

  35. The women in this race never had a chance up against Caster Semenya — a shemale with super high testosterone levels who is obviously more male than female.

  36. В джазе только девушки Джозефина )))))

  37. Семеня — мужик.

  38. The first man in the history of sports winning against women in mixed championship. I have tears in my eyes. Go Semenya, you've got balls to win!

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