Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

Bryan Adams – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

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Written by Adams, Kamen and Lange for the film “Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves”. Available on the album “Waking Up The Neighbours”, the video was shot on the coast of England (looking at Wales). Directed by Julian Temple.


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  1. this brings back good memories! thanks for posting this.

  2. i like this song

  3. I love this song, if I ever find her, this is the song I'd dedicate to her, sing it to her if I could.

  4. i would give it up for her

  5. Music and lyrics by Stevie griffin

  6. If I ever find a girl willing to marry me, lol, this would be the wedding song I would like to dance to with her

  7. You know it's true….everything i do…..i do it for you…..hell yeah….

  8. aqui 2016 brasil são luis do maranhão

  9. I'm not following the story arc here…

  10. You know it's true , Everything I do, oh, I do it for you.

  11. This song kicks ass!!!

  12. This is Our Wedding Song Oct 3, 1992 today. Means more 24 yrs later.

  13. Me and my husband's one of the wedding song's I love you MICHAEL THOMPSON 

  14. such a sick music video bruh!

  15. I was a boy when the movie robin hood came out the world was so different when we cared

  16. E eu que cantava em 01:02: "Ele é viado" kkkkkkk

  17. you know its true everything i do, do it for you :(

  18. que recuerdos mas bellos de esa rola

  19. Thank s to my wife Michelle for this song!

  20. When someone revives you in zombies ?

  21. i love dis songs so much…

  22. Is it a rule that every version of this song uploaded to YT has to be at 50% volume or something? Christ…

  23. O tempo, simplesmente se vai; O amor determinantemente existe, sempre havera de superar obstaculos e transpor as montanhas > I DO; eu faço questao de Amar, musicas como esta, sempre ouvirei>

  24. my childhood and the film back in my day brought me here.

  25. good old Bryan adams classics one of so many miss this music, today's gen need to hear this more! too much negative smut shit music today.

  26. dammit, i was working on something for ages and this song came on and i just stopped. and listened.

  27. Nostalgia to almost the point of tears…

    Takes me straight back to being 11 again on holiday with mum and nana R.I.P xxx

  28. Every song that I like , I always read the comments

  29. 10,000 dislikes. ….idiots

  30. perfect song for an aewsome movie.

  31. Cause your the best suit for me. My lady.

  32. Стырил вещь у Ричарда Маркса)

  33. I wanna love you longer …..

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