BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie
BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer – 2016 Bruce Lee Movie
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About Birth of the Dragon
Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California.

Birth of the Dragon is an upcoming American martial arts biographical drama film directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele. The film stars Billy Magnussen, Philip Ng, and Xia Yu. The true story revolves around the young martial artist Bruce Lee, who challenges kung fu master Wong Jack Man in 1965 in San Francisco.


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32 отзывов к статье BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2016) Bruce Lee Movie

  1. DP von Dutch

    Bruce Lee unworthy movie, what a disgrace………………

  2. Max D719

    am the only one who was expecting to see a white guy playing as bruce lee? xD

  3. Andy Golden

    This needs more dislikes than infinite warfare

  4. luuka goddard

    such a shame bruce lee isnt alive anyone DX

  5. Gee Stack

    why do they always have to put themselves in somebody else's story who is this guy anyway why can't they just tell Bruce Lee Story why did they have to put a blonde hair blue eyed dude that nobody knows who the f*** he is all up in the m********** story

  6. will Hancock

    why is the white guy there? this shit looks like the rush hour tv series. its that bad. I been watching trailers all day today and these movies are looking weird and shitty.

  7. Ado Pixi

    no its not to good

  8. Hero Ninja

    soooooooo scheisse 0% ähnlichkeit mit bruce lee

  9. Tony Roids

    chuck norris felt sorry for him

  10. Charlie Havner


  11. Charlie Havner

    This looks like the ENRON of movies

  12. Charlie Havner

    In a Hollywood boardroom: "Hey guys! Let's make a lead balloon!"

  13. Albanjo Leko

    Who won in real life?Bruce Lee or Wong Jack Man?

  14. Jugger knight


  15. lee wells

    this looks like a terrible rip off of a legends name. should be just a chinese action and not even assosiated with Bruce Lee. i'm surprised Linda Lee and the Bruce Lee foundation agreed to let this shite be made at all.

  16. Stuart Mclean

    They just killed the Enigma or Lee!

  17. DigitallyDestructive

    Wow, another Crappy Movie about Bruce Lee. Yes we get the Idea that he the titanic version in flesh and blood. At least get a real fighting styles  instead that acting wash up shit. Its try out for dumb and dumber….

  18. unlimited1st

    Chill peeps.. Donny Yen played as Yip Man in Ip Man and no one complained about it.. Why not for Bruce Lee? In my opinion, the actor who played as Bruce Lee was decent enough even though no one can replace Bruce Lee.. But I'm pretty sure they already did research from Bruce's biography before making this movie.. It's alternate biography movie dude! You need "CHARACTER" not "SAME FACE" and also real Bruce Lee already died.. You can't ask him back to life for playing the movie.. and about white guy.. I already said this is alternate biography, so the point of view is from white guy not Bruce Lee.. So just enjoy the fucking movie!

  19. iPanda

    This movie makes him look a like a criminal/thug

  20. Lit With Savage

    This trailer actually made me sign in on a different computer just to say… ''No…. Just No.''

  21. DaeceJ

    'From the martial arts team behind x-men'
    Are you fucking shitting me… Shit like this makes people want to cut themselves.

    'From the martial arts team behind…'
    Drunken Master II
    Iron Monkey
    Fist of Legend

    Any of these, and many more, would be epic af.

    X-Men? Kill yo'self.

  22. Shaheer Kamrani

    They fucked it up…. They brought disgrace upon Bruce Lee's name

  23. addi wei

    The problem is not there is a white man in the movie. The real problem is the action directed by the team who did X Men. They should have requested Sammo Hung or Donnie Yen do the action at least.


    jeet kune do bruce lee side of development there was a kickboxer Bruce Lee just need to have people who are tall this world, unfortunately it spends on? bad people
    Do not stay on them … bruce lee movies I grow it in my heart will always remain in my heart never changed with a movie I like his movies
    bruce lee I love you so much …

  25. Captain Jin

    This looks absolutely horrible as a fan of Bruce Lee. Maybe for general audience it could pass, but christ this hurts to watch for me. Also, I laughed soooooo fucking hard when it said "From the martial arts team behind XMen."

  26. FATCO

    this is a shame of a movie. The shame is in what it represents and that's all i have to say about it

  27. AK34EA

    what limits? ooooooooooOOOOOOH

  28. 안나리

    I'm so excited for this movie.

  29. mj Jondoe

    wish Hollywood would stop white washing movies …this movie seems to be about a white guy instead of truly about Bruce Lee…sad

  30. monkey boy

    I guess Bruce took the red pill and made it to the new matrix movie lol?

  31. greentealatte

    Wtf is this shit? They made Bruce lee look like a little bitch.
    This already sucks compared to the Ip Man movies

  32. eYe

    Looks shit.  This guy can't play Bruce Lee.

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