Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Official Trailer 2 [HD]
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Official Trailer 2 [HD]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — Official Trailer 2 [HD]

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Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.


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  1. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. What hasn't Superman done for you. You are all worthless ungrateful bunch of degenerate species that should have been extinct long time ago 😛 BTW thanks for introducing Wonder Woman 😀 ooh-lala

  2. So you are going to kill Superman because he was fighting an alien invasion and there was collateral damage ? You are going to kill the only thing that could ever protect your stupid human ass from aliens if they ever attacked us. Wow batman you are stupid as fuk*

  3. the line at from batman at 1:56 wasnt in the movie

  4. Hеlloоо yоооoutubеrs wаtсh Batmаn v Supеrmаn: Dawn оf Justice оnlinеееe hееееre => Baaаtmаn v Suрermаn Dawn of Justiсe Оffiсiаl Trаilеr 2 HD

  5. DoJ was better than every marvel film

  6. Yoоou cаn't find this movie with better quality thаn hеre => Batman v Supermаn: Dawn оf Justice — Official Trailer 2 [HD]

  7. The worst Trailer of all time, like terminator genesis, how can you spoil the whole fucking movie in the Trailer?

  8. There is some confusion going on

    The fans that hated this film usually don't hate it because the critics did; we're smarter than that.

    We hate it because we love batman, superman and Wonder Woman. We hate it that a crappy director screwed up the biggest hero clash of all time. We hate the messy plot, we hate how much better this could have been done, we hate how this movie was poorly executed, we hate that this film didn't focus on the psyche of batman and superman and that we didn't focus more on batman versus superman and threw all these characters in

    We love D.C. And we're real fans, we don't like kissing the ass of a shitty movie. We want the characters we love to be placed in the hands of good directors like Nolan

    So for you people that liked this film that's your opinion and I'm glad you show optimism, but don't say that people who hated this film like me aren't "real" fans.

  9. Henry Cavill as Superman the best

  10. and of course this is the most popular scene where Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent

  11. By 2024 they should make Justice League vs The Avengers (Reason it should be 2024 is because by then Marvel & DC would've made enough films by then and then by 2024 mix it up a bit)!!!

  12. this movie is not that bad but the plot seem didn't work with the audience. I give rating 5 or 6 out of 10.

  13. Is FUCKING DUMB AND STUPID Zack Snyder trying to be a Trader for DC Fans
    Jesse Eisenberg is killing his Fucking life He made Ben Affleck Got Shove from dc Fans
    Letting all the dumb Fans liking this Shitty bad Movie Warner Bros give Us the Real Batman Vs Superman Fight
    In Animated starting with Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy 30 Mins of the Fight 45 Mins of Action.

  14. it should be clark white right???

  15. I am suffering to watch this movie

  16. Too big for little minds

  17. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is too big for Marvel fans

  18. The story is really stupid in this movie… Mainly Batman and Superman have no real reason to fight each other in this movie.
    However, I thought Ben Affleck was a great Batman.

  19. Its a good thing I didn't watch this trailer before I saw the movie. Spoilers everywhere.

  20. Movie should've had more action and more fighting. trailer is awesome!

  21. If you want to skip the dialogue, and just listen to the music, it starts and stops at these points: 0:251:05, 1:171:50, 1:562:17, 2:422:55

  22. We all knew this movie would suck the moment this trailer was released. And damn were we right

  23. No doubt one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.


  25. was this shot in Detroit?

  26. Batman v Superman is the best fucking superhero movie ever I don't care what anybody says

  27. this trailer Spoil every thing

  28. I hate this movie there is like a lot of dialouge

  29. "Maybe it's the Gothan City in me. We just have a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns."

  30. Batman v Superman was bound to fail, history is simply repeating itself.
    1) Tim Burton's films were made at a time when there was no history of successful Batman films so it came from a place of creativity and originality.
    2) Joel Schumacher's films were made to capitalize on the success of Burton's films and while they were commercially successful they buried the franchise for the next decade.
    3) Christopher Nolan's films being made were very gutsy due to the aftertaste of Schumacher's terrible movies, so again it came from a place of creativity and originality.
    4) Zack Snyder/David Ayer are the Joel Schumachers of this incarnation of Batman; they're simply trying to capitalize off the success of Nolan and tried to do so far too soon in which Nolan's films are still very fresh in everyone's minds. If they had waited until 2020 I think the films would have been more critically well received.

  31. The trailer is way better than the movie itself.

  32. Am I the only person who wishes it was Bryan Cranston playing Lex or is it just me?

  33. They basically gave away the entire movie in this trailer.

  34. 0:24 Classic Bruce Wayne smirk, shame it's not in the movie :(

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