Bastards — Official Trailer [HD]
Bastards — Official Trailer [HD]

Bastards — Official Trailer [HD]

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Ed Helms and Owen Wilson star in the new comedy BASTARDS — in theaters January 27, 2017!

Ed Helms (“The Hangover” films) and Owen Wilson (“The Grand Budapest Hotel,” upcoming “Zoolander 2”) star in Alcon Entertainment’s comedy “Bastards,” under the direction of Lawrence Sher (“The Hangover” films). The film marks the directorial debut of the veteran cinematographer.

Helms and Wilson play Peter and Kyle Reynolds, two brothers whose eccentric mother (Glenn Close) raised them to believe their father had died when they were young. When they discover this to be a lie, they set out to find their real father, learning more about their mother than they probably ever wanted to know.

Oscar nominee Glenn Close (“Albert Nobbs,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”) stars as the twins’ mother, Helen, and Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons (“Whiplash”), and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback-turned-actor Terry Bradshaw (“Failure to Launch”) join the cast as potential father figures.

Rounding out the cast are comedian Katt Williams, Oscar nominee June Squibb (“Nebraska”), Kate Aselton (TV’s «The League»), and Ving Rhames (the “Mission Impossible” films).

Sher directs from a screenplay by Justin Malen (“Bad Teacher 2”). Academy Award nominees Broderick Johnson and Andrew A. Kosove (“The Blindside”) are producing, along with, from the Montecito Picture Company, Academy Award nominee Ivan Reitman, (“Up in the Air”), Tom Pollock (“Draft Day”), and Ali Bell (“Draft Day”). Chris Fenton and Chris Cowles are executive producing.

Sher’s behind-the-scenes team includes director of photography John Lindley (“St. Vincent”) and production designer Stephen H. Carter (art director on “Birdman: Or [The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance]”).

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Scheduled for release on January 27, 2017, the film is an Alcon Entertainment presentation and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company.



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  1. i thought katt Williams got arrested for some robbery with some chick?

  2. it aint the soul train

  3. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Males,, FUKED UP because being raised by unstable, selfish, & emotionally-needy *Single Moms* ,, will watch this movie and CRACK the hell up!!!

  4. to everyone saying katt williams is the father, you do realize that those two guys are 100% white, right?

  5. you know who there dad is do you do you na thay dont as well

  6. Was Vince Vaughn on holidays or something?

  7. TLM:

    Anything with katt williams is a failure.

  8. All the bullshit Katt been through people forget he still the LEGEND looking forward to this

  9. mamma mia gone wrong lol

  10. Promising language expression supervisor

  11. Damn the thumbnail fooled me, I thought it was Damien Sandow..

  12. This actually looks funny.

  13. My man Ving in this joint

  14. Katt Williams! ❤️
    Who is the lady that plays the mom? She looks like Caitlyn Jenner.

  15. Eh I'll wait for it on cable

  16. "Damnit, there's no way these are my kids! They can't even tell if they're rushing or dragging!"

  17. I saw this on South Park, when Eric Cartman was trying to find his Dad!  Hollywood has no originality at all…

  18. These 2 fools in the same movie, AND Glen Close too !! I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE :-))

  19. "All we did was cuddle"
    -Marcellus Wallace 2016

  20. Katt motherufucking Williams.

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