BAD SANTA 2 Official Red Band Trailer (2016)

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BAD SANTA 2 Official Red Band Trailer (2016)
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An adventure with Santa impersonator Willie Stokes.

Release Date: November 2016
Genre: Comedy
Director: Mark Waters
Writers: Shauna Cross, Doug Ellin (screenplay)
Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox

Bad Santa 2 official trailer courtesy of Broad Green Pictures.

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BAD SANTA 2 Official Red Band Trailer (2016)

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47 отзывов к статье BAD SANTA 2 Official Red Band Trailer (2016)

  1. John L

    Talk about another stupid reboot. If the idiots in Hollywood would not be such self absorbed fucking morons, maybe they could find a writer worth a damn.

  2. jonathan Gagnon

    R.I.P John and Bernie but this second opus gonna be a very good movie in memory of you guys!!

  3. Cescolo

    omfg Christina Hendricks..!
    You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.

  4. Anonymous

    These kids are now clinically insane. This needs to stop. this is not even funny anymore.

    Jews are systematically destroying the fabric of our society and we are
    watching it happen, doing nothing. Who is going to stop this? Who is
    going to say "enough?" Who is going to call crazy, crazy?

    keep watching it happen, it is only going to get worse. Think the
    Chinese Cultural Revolution was bad? Wait until these freaks have kids,
    and see what happens.

  5. lowdan666

    DAYUM ! thats some F***** up shit !!!!!!!!!!

  6. A.C. Harrison

    I love pumpernickel bread

  7. Ethan Skys

    If you're having a bad day just pause this video at 1:08

  8. boredom_proxy

    they are back :)

  9. Jack Gardiner

    fuck you youtube so we cant sware in are vids but you can put tits in the trailer this is bs im done @youtubefix your self.

  10. Alex Greenough Films

    Looks so much worse than the original

  11. Domanic The Chaldean


  12. Lilchris 38415


  13. Lilchris 38415

    Am I the only one that paused at the right time for the tits?

  14. Anthony Morales

    This looks like a straight to DVD comedy, hopefully it's half as good as the first but I'm not counting on it

  15. Nicola Arena

    1:08 for the titties thank me later

  16. Joe T

    Thurman Murman?

  17. Elijah Vigil

    "You look like one of those trolls that gang-fucked Willy Wonka" I died laughing hahahaha????

  18. Syrup

    Scarce Sent You Here Don't Lie

  19. Lionel Is Messy

    If u came from scarce …

  20. TGK13CA _

    1:08 girl on the right is Christiana Hendricks.

  21. Winter Fright

    I died inside a little.

  22. Master JPL

    and its not age restricted

  23. Seven 5055

    Hey guys its Scarce here

  24. DB Skills

    1:08 for the lazy fucks

  25. Giorgi Chichinadze

    youtube is removing videos where people talk about nudity and this video is showing breasts and this video is still on youtube LOGIC!

  26. ҳᗫʍøи

    Hey what's up guys it's Scarce here

  27. Fernando farias

    Tits nice

  28. Zoxtic

    Like= win ? the lottery! sub= good luck ? for life! Ignore = get visited tonight by a demon! ???

  29. Scarce Is Fat

    1:08 If you came from scarce.

  30. Comic Sans

    Scarce anyone??

  31. Extreme Card Breaks

    Tits 1:08 if your from scarce

  32. Blaze Mancer

    Wuts up guys Scarce here

  33. John Greene

    A sequel 13 years later? Why the wait and how are Willie and Marcus working together?

  34. xMehL

    this can't be worse than mall cop 2

  35. Thurgor Supreme

    This looks like complete ass. I feel insulted

  36. Sterically Hindered

    i have been waitin over a decade.

  37. bigearedmouse17


  38. Lavendish

    I hope this movie is going to be good. Bad Santa and Tokyo Godfathers are the best christmas movies. Well actually there are just really great movies in general

  39. My Chemical Romance ii

    grand theft auto v hahaha

  40. MrBebetoadful

    I dont feel like this needed a sequel.

  41. Majestic Lion

    They make sequals out of everything…

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