ABC Black Comedy: Indigenous GPS
ABC Black Comedy: Indigenous GPS

ABC Black Comedy: Indigenous GPS

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Ever wanted a more familiar guide to deliver your directions? Join us for the pilot of the world’s first GPS with an Indigenous voice setting.

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41 отзывов - ABC Black Comedy: Indigenous GPS

  1. Blackfellas can be real good on screen

  2. Awesome skit, wish there was an gps indigenous voice.
    "show me the finger, Ill direct you straight into a wall"
    Keep up the good work BC

  3. 'Look at you drivin around in your black wanna be gangster think your shit don't stink

  4. "eh look at you, man up and grow a pair of balls you big pussy"

  5. I've been watching this show from its beginning, but I somehow managed to miss this skit! Absolutely hilarious! Love It!

  6. lmaoooo love this

  7. beautiful@! excellent education for us all, and could do more for race relations than any committee or royal commission! love these people!

  8. Would like to have subtitles to these, or contribute them ourselves, for a course on diversity we are making, unfortunately google auto-translate is having trouble understanding pretty much any of this :-)

  9. @Mary Jane it's a joke not a dick don't take it so hard??

  10. @kateena wtf better not be talking to me that way cray cray ?

  11. You coconut dog fucking cracker

  12. Best comedy show on TV.

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this comedy series. It's bloody hilarious.

  14. love to have a gps like this, couldn't even drive anywhere be pissin myself laughing

  15. Not even funny

  16. I have watched this over and over, still just about pee myself everytime, love it Blairy……

  17. LOL I love this, it's is coolest :)

  18. Funniest shit I've heard. 

  19. That is just too funny!!

  20. "Ahh yeah gimme the finger I'll drive ya into a brick wall" LMAO IM DYING ???

  21. "Hey whats that voting for liberals ya sell out coconut dooog!"


  22. Best clip.  To the producers and cast- keep up the great work.  More GPS would be great to see! 

  23. "Don't even get me started on that haircut, or that fuckin shirt." His reaction is priceless hahahahaha!

  24. I have seen variation of this but Black does it better. GoGoGO……………..

  25. poor dude, but its so funny, hahahaha !!!!

  26. It's great to see a great comedy like this , the guy's should be on regular TV ??

  27. And what's this voting for liberals ya sell out coconut dog!??

  28. This make ya proud, finally some real solid comedy, this has to open the market for murri navman voice too deadly!

  29. That has got to be the funniest video I have ever seen.. I was feeling down today until I saw that… Thanks for the laugh my bradda..

  30. My favourite skit from this show

  31. Cry out laugh my ass off true god

  32. You coconut dawg lol

  33. Is this show still on the ABC ?

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