57434 2020 Lincoln Aviator Review - First Drive

2020 Lincoln Aviator Review – First Drive

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a three-row CUV that cements the brand’s ongoing renaissance. It proves their other recent successes like the Nautilus and the excellent new Navigator, weren’t flukes. The Aviator is Lincoln’s most anticipated vehicle launch in, well, probably decades… and now we finally get to see if it lives up to the hype.

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Review – First Drive

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41 отзывов к статье 2020 Lincoln Aviator Review – First Drive

  1. Alex Loparnos

    Those headlights are Kia headlights & that back & overall shape is definitely Range Rover.

  2. sta1984

    Nothing more than a plush Ford! Terrible gas mileage & not revolutionary until it's a pure electric! This is just a catch up move by Ford! Electric is the future!👎

  3. symmetry08

    This is the shape I was imaging for this size of this car and they got it right. All modern cars, or CUVs, have this third row window shaped against the driver view and rear passenger's view obstruction.

  4. JerseyJoe

    Why do they compare Lincoln with Ford ?? Do the ever compare Lexus with Toyota or Acura with Honda ??

  5. Karl Henry

    Welcome back Lincoln Motor Company! Impressive indeed.

  6. Bobby Zipp

    Love it. But not for $90k

  7. Bheki Kriel

    Awesome car, would sell my heart to get it.

  8. Cypress Manufactured Homes

    Hell No – That is SOOOOO Ugly

  9. sho942000

    This MKExplorer is a joke. Such a poor effort. Generic and sloppy styling, no proper V8, terrible interior with that tablet clearly being an after thought, and its far too expensive for what it is.

    This is just another Buick in a sea of Buicks.

  10. out of the loop

    Ford gonna stop making cars so make sense to still make them with another name of the company lol

  11. 93remix

    Finally a 3 ROWED SUV THAT IS OVER 275HP and offers an even more POWERFUL option! GOOD JOB FORD MOTOR CO.

  12. Q8illusions

    I'm waiting for the Corsair! Can't wait till it's out and see it in person

  13. Jeremy Ladue

    Are they donating any? Lol! If i win lottery Ill deff get one

  14. Elle F

    Lincoln is doing it right.

  15. Hosay Leeto

    I still own my 2005 AWD Aviator. This Aviator is gorgeous, powerful and I badly wish I had the money to purchase this one 🙁

  16. p

    I'm ready to trade my Infiniti JX35.

  17. Kyle R

    92k max?! That's insane; how could it cost that much given it platform shares with a Ford?

  18. John Reid

    Very good and detail review. This is a solid Lincoln, the Navigator though is nice too but too big for me. This Aviator is a good size.👌🏽👍🏽

  19. Matty Iannielli

    Bring Back Mercury!

  20. Zachary

    No thanks. Looks great but I don’t trust Ford products.

  21. kk P

    Only reason I wouldn't buy this is that all the livery services will be buying this.

    I don't want to be seen as an airport limo shuttle

  22. Adithya Ramachandran

    I was in an Aviator Reserve loaded to $72K all inclusive today. It is the best SUV out there. The new X5 is garbage compared to this masterpiece, and has too much plastic. My only complaint is that the 3rd row was tight for a 6 foot 200 lb adult like me, but kids should be ok.

  23. huimin gong

    True American luxury

  24. Juliet Whiskey221

    Lincoln should work on a mkt with this design style and rename it the transcontinental as a road trip car

  25. BrokenFiddles

    Craig, I am glad you answered a question I had when starting to watch the video. I wondered if the interior is really high quality without having to make excuses for any shortcomings. I was very satysfied with the answer.

  26. Daniel Gross

    Cadillac, you've been called out. Better step up your game, General Motors.

  27. shredman59

    Have an enclave and was considering getting something more upscale (Q7, GLS, X7) but the Aviator has me seriously thinking about lincoln for the first time ever. Not sure I can get over their old image. The Matthew Mc commercials are also a big detractor for me….not sure who finds those appealing or even neutral.

  28. dalex7777

    Looks a lot like the Hyundai Palisade

  29. Troy Rock

    I think the new Hyundai Palisade seems to be a more refined and technologically advanced SUV, but this is still nice.

  30. Vel Boone

    Lincoln is kicking ass an taking names…🗣️ CADILLAC THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE…

  31. oldschool1

    Definitely not a rental. A lease for sure. 🙂

  32. Ethan Brady

    Why does the thumbnail look like a video game?

  33. Garreth Armstrong

    What a CAR!! What a car this is!!

  34. Sean Mangubat

    Lincoln made a good call not following the Germans. I mean look at Cadillac. They’re kinda still struggling to find an identity while Lincoln’s out here going full blown American luxury offering something no one else does.

  35. Ev Z

    any notes on towing capacities?

  36. Phantim3dx

    sure would purchase another Lincoln. Bought a Lincoln Navigator L 1.5 years ago. A bit too big now that my in laws dont live with us, we still want a 3 row capable suv, this aviator is looking great to be in our garage.

  37. Ed Fan

    more hp and torque than an x5? dang.

  38. Drew Stoker

    Can you do a Tacoma limited test cause i am about to be 16 and my parents are thinking about getting me one

  39. Jairo Castellanos

    I want one.. never though I will like a Lincoln but now I do..

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