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Toy Story — Official Trailer #1 [1995]


Release Date: 22 November 1995 (USA)

A little boy named Andy loves to be in his room, playing with his toys, especially his doll named «Woody». But, what do the toys do when Andy is not with them, they come to life. Woody believes that he has life (as a toy) good. However, he must worry about Andy’s family moving, and what Woody does not know is about Andy’s birthday party. Woody does not realize that Andy’s mother gave him an action figure known as Buzz Lightyear, who does not believe that he is a toy, and quickly becomes Andy’s new favorite toy. Woody, who is now consumed with jealousy, tries to get rid of Buzz. Then, both Woody and Buzz are now lost. They must find a way to get back to Andy before he moves without them, but they will have to pass through a ruthless toy killer, Sid Phillips. Written by John Wiggins


Distributor: Buena Vista Pictures (1995) (USA), Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios
Director: John Lasseter
Producer: Bonnie Arnold, Ralph Guggenheim
Executive Producer: Ed Catmull, Steve Jobs
Writer: John Lasseter (story) & Pete Docter (story) & Andrew Stanton (story) and Joe Ranft (story), Joss Whedon (screenplay) & Andrew Stanton (screenplay) & Joel Cohen (screenplay) and Alec Sokolow (screenplay)
Cast: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head), Wallace Shawn (Rex the Green Dinosaur), Estelle Harris (Mrs. Potato Head), John Ratzenberger (Hamm the Piggy Bank), Jim Varney (Slinky Dog), Annie Potts (Bo Peep), John Morris (Andy), Erik von Detten (Sid)
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy



Toy Story — Official Trailer #1 [1995]

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Отзывы к статье Toy Story — Official Trailer #1 [1995]

  • Wow. They had DAMN good quality back on 1995!!! Good job Pixar! Lov u.

  • Toy Story vs Secret Life of Pets. Winner: Toy Story.

  • Woody and Buzz Toy Story Disney Pixar

  • Easily my favorite Disney movie

  • I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday and the ending had me teared up..
    I love animated movies..all of them.. and the Toy Story trilogy is a masterpiece.
    can't wait for 2018! ?

  • You are a toy

  • i love this anime…

  • Gee, how old is this? January 19, 1998 I'm guessing.

  • If this movie were released today, it would be marketed as one of those movies that makes the audience choose a side, like Twilight or Civil War.
    Team Woody vs Team Buzz

  • Why so many dislikes

  • one of my favorite anime's

  • It's just like so sad to me I remember when I was little everyone used to play outside now you see 3 year old having or using a phone

  • bad animation

  • I grew with this and awesome movies , not frozen ,zootopia ,or secret life of pets
    I was 7 when I watched all but I watched them in 2008
    (I'm 13 m8)

  • Best Cartoon Pixar movie ever

  • Favorite anime

  • Disney have Anna and Elsa.
    Pixar have Woody and Buzz.

  • The animation in this looks so bad now…

  • It's a teaser trailer

  • Wow Pixar's animation has gotten significantly better

  • That life of pets movie is never going to do to kids these days what this did to us psychologically.

  • I can't defend or attack this trailer. However, there's one question I'm going to ask: Why did the advertisement make people doubt they'd like this movie?

  • What manny dislikes

  • i this the actual trailer? or is this fan made?