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CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD

http://www.joblo.com — CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD

A group of five friends are terrorized at their getaway cabin. A remake of the 2002 film, ‘Cabin Fever’.

Stars: Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Nadine Crocker

In theaters: February 12, 2016

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CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD

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Отзывы к статье CABIN FEVER Official Trailer (2016) Eli Roth Horror Remake Movie HD

  • I accidentally bought this version instead of the original! The box said "from producer ELI ROTH" and was like "fuk yeah here it is!". Will watch it tonight and see if its any good.

  • no tv, no internet, my clan needs me …. what a fuckin looser, poor acting , no no poor fuckin retarded , where they find this people damn.

  • the original will always be better

  • I've seen the original and this is gonna be fucking scarier fucking great now m afraid to go outside thank you world

  • pancakes

  • Yay…another remake groan

  • spoiling trailer


  • Eli Roth wrote and directed the original so in this case, yes….he has every right to remake his own film. Stfu

  • …. Why in the fuck would a shit movie like Cabin Fever get remade?

  • People going on about it only been 14 years there have been plenty of films thT have been remade within that time. Fml ppl will just cry about anything

  • Really bad movie.

  • suxk ma cack

  • Eli Roth has nothing else better to create?


  • Why Always remakes? RIP hollywood

  • RE: same person makes same movie again

  • They really need to see a doctor for them STDs

  • I

  • this remimds me of cabin in the woods

  • just your average lake in pollution zone US

  • Looks terrible.

  • Alec, what are you doing? Magnus would be VERY disappointed!!!!!!

  • I know I'm late but…….. MATTHEW FREAKING DADDARIO!!!!!!!!

  • Nice burnout!

  • The scary thing about this movie is. It's just an exaggerated telling of a real bacteria that can eat your flesh and kill you in 24 hours. Just google "flesh eating bacteria" once it gets inside you. It will devour you from the inside out to the point where your skin sluffs off your body in less than a day. you can be septic and loose your limbs in 24 hours and even then you're not guaranteed to survive it.

  • just WHY

  • its like cabin in the woods

  • did Someone see hell baby

  • did Someone see hell baby

  • Hope this one doesn't has to much "Party" jokes X'D

  • This is probably one of the stupidest movies to remake. What are they going to do…spit up blood more dramatically than the first one? LOL.. go make a real movie you dick.

  • Is a good movie

  • … Now that… Is the kind of period you will never EVER want your girlfriend to have

  • The original was nothing to write home about. Why in the BLUE FUCK is it up for a remake so Goddamned soon?! It will suck cock just as hard as the first one

  • what a shitty trailer

  • looks exactly like the original , as much as I can see from this trailer…
    I don't think I'm gonna watch it, some things are meant to be skipped. lol

  • when i watched the cabin fever there were different people???

  • The 2002 version is better than this one

  • fuck this shit dont waste my time

  • I'm not one of those people that automatically dislikes remakes. I welcome several. Evil Dead (2013) was phenomenal. It was good because it retained the spirit of the original. This is the exact opposite of that. It's taking a great, scary, original horror film and reducing it to a generic gross-out money-maker.

  • 1:14 Ooh, faced!!!

  • ugh…..WHYYYYYY!!??!!

  • So the first one was a shit movie but was saved by the over the top stupidity which gave it comedy; almost in a Troll 2 sort of way. What they did was remake the same movie word for word, only this time they removed the comedy element which was the original film's only saving grace. Hmm…..smart move there Eli.